Percussion Studio class photo
The University of Tennessee at Martin Percussion Studio

UTM Percussion Calendar of Events 2012-2013

June 20
2nd Annual DCI Sounds of Summer
hosted at UT Martin

August 17 (6pm) - 24
Percussion Section Band Camp

August 25
8th Annual Drum Line TUNE UP DAY
Guest Clinician, Julie Davila

September 15
Marching Percussion Clinic/Session 12:00pm
Clinician, Chris Romanowski
Hardy Graham Stadium

September 15
SMBI (Skyhawk Marching Invitational)

October 21
Micaiah Radcliffe, Senior Recital
Boling UC, room 112, 7:30 pm

October 28
UT Martin Percussion Ensemble,
Fall Concert with guest steel pan artist, Kyle Dunleavy,
Boling UC, room 112, 3:00 pm.

November 12
Guest Percussion Trio, Identity Cubed
Concert, University Center Ballroom, 7:30 pm.

November 27
UT Martin Percussion Studio Chamber Concert
Boling UC, room 112, 7:30 pm

December 2-3
Ji Hye Jung, Marimba Residency
Private Lessons Offered Sunday afternoon/evening
Clinic Monday 2-4pm, Room TBA

December 15
All West Prep Session 2pm
Register with

January 8/9
Roots of Rhythm Tour
Memphis, Bells, Selmer, Waverly

January 13
Colby Snider, Senior Recital
Boling UC, room 112, 3:00 pm

January 24-26
UT Martin Honor Band Festival

February 3
Katie McClain, Senior Project Presentation
Watkins Auditorium, 3:00 pm

February 5
UTM Concerto Competition

February 17th
Kerry Durso, Senior Recital
Boling 112, 3:00pm

February 18
Jr/Sr Day - 2013 Percussion AUDITIONS
8:30am-4pm , Boling 112

February 19
Roots of Rhythm Presentations
Part of the UTM Civil Rights Conference
12 Noon and 7:30pm
Tickets $5, UTM Students $1, Children 8 and under free

February 23
PERCUSSION MOVING PARTAY - headed to the new building
Alumni - WE NEED HELP :>))))

March 17
James Fout, Senior Recital
Recital Hall, Fine Arts, 7:30 pm

March 18-19
James campbell, Percussion Guest Artist Residency
Percussion Rehearsal Room, Fine Arts

March 22, 2013
B Michael Williams, African Percussion Residency
Percussion Rehearsal Room, Fine Arts, 2:00-5:00pm

March 23, 2013
West TN Day of Percussion, B. Michael Williams, guest artist
Hosted at Bethel University, All Day

April 9, 2013
Josh Spaulding, Junior Recital
Recital Hall, Fine Arts, 7:30pm

April 10-14
TMEA Performance TBA?

April 13
N. Scott Robinson, Frame Drumming Workshop
11am-4pm, Percussion Rehearsal Room $10 Fee

April14, 2013
UT Martin Percussion Ensemble Spring Concert
Harriett Fulton Theater, 3:00pm

April 25-27, 2013
UT Martin Honor Percussion Festival,
Application deadline April 1
(Out of State applicants welcome, SENIORS now may apply) Registration begins, Thursday 6:00pm,
Concert, Saturday 12 noon, Location Fine Arts Building

UTM Percussion Calendar of Events 2011-2012

August 14 - 20
Band Camp

August 20 (evening)
Cookout at Dr. Hill and Dr. Coffey's

August 27
7th Annual Drum Line Tune Up Day
Guest Artist, Julie Davila
9am - 5pm, Boling 112
Contact to reserve a spot, first come, first served.

August 27 (evening)
27 b stroke 6 at the GAP in Martin
w/Jamaica Me Happy Steel Band- Alumni Band

September 16
Bret Kuhn, marching percussion clinic

September 17
SMBI Marching Invitational

September 24
27 b stroke 6 and the House Band at the Gap in Martin

October 10
Maraca2, Percussion Duo (from the United Kingdom)
Concert, 7:30pm, Boling 112

November 5

November 6
Fall Percussion Ensemble Concert with guest artist Keith Aleo
3:00 pm, Boling 112

November 8
Anders Astrand and Evaristo Aguilar, Guest percusssion master class
Boling 112, 2:30-3:45 pm

November 9-12
PASIC, Indianapolis

November 17
Nebojsa Zivkovic, residency
Boling 112, 2:30-5:30 pm

November 21
Daniel Houston
Senior Percussion Recital
Boling 112, 7:30 pm

November 22
John Toomey
Drumset Masterclass
Boling 112, 2:30-3:45 pm

January 11
Winter Roots of Rhythm Tour Date in the Public Schools, contact to make a reservation

February 17
NorthStar Percussion Ensemble, 2:00 pm

February 19
Hamilton Moore, Senior Percussion Recital, 3:00pm

February 21
ROOTS OF RHYTHM -Day Show, 12 noon, Evening Show 7:30 pm, Watkins Auditorium, $5 admission, children 8 and under free.

March 1
John Cage Centennial Tribute Concert with the percussion and single reed studios
Watkins Auditorium, 7:30 pm

March 16
Ryan Nestor, Percussion Clinic
3 pm

March 24
TN PAS State Day of Percussion
Hosted at TN Tech

March 27
Keegan Paluso
Senior Percussion Recital
Boling 112, 7:30 pm

April 1
Jeff Moore
Senior Percussion Recital
Boling 112, 5:00 pm

April 17
Micaiah Radcliffe
Junior Percussion Recital
Boling 112, 7:30 pm

April 19-28
Jorge and Aquim Sacramento, Residency at UT Martin
Brazilian Percussion Masterclasses TBA

April 22
Inspire Percussion Trio
Student Chamber Ensemble
7:30 pm, Boling 112

April 23
Jorge and Aquim Sacramento
Percussion Duo from Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
Concert 7:30 pm, Boling 112 w/the UTM Percussion Ensemble

April 10
UTM Percussion Ensemble,
Spring Concert, 7:30 pm
Boling 112

April 26-28 (audition deadline Apr.1)
TN High School Honor Percussion Ensemble Festival (begins at 6 pm Thursday and end with the concert at 12 noon on Saturday)

April 27
Percussion Studio Spring Fundraiser with Jamaica Me Happy at Brandy's Sweet Talk, 7:00 pm.
$3 individuals/$5 couples.

April 28
Skyhawk Marching Percussion Section Pre Summer Tryouts,
9am - 3 pm, Boling 112.

UTM Percussion Calendar of Events 2010-2011

August 17
Studio Canoeing Trip on the Buffalo River (dorm check in)

August 18-19
Rehearsals for Tour (10am-3pm) and back to school cookout

August 20
Roots of Rhythm Tour in West TN

August 25
6th Annual Drum Line Tune Up Day with James Campbell

September 21
Jerry Tachoir

October 16
Homecoming/Quad Cities w/Shamisen Duo

October 17
Stephen Hughes, Senior Recital, 3 pm

November 7
Percussion Ensemble Fall Concert
Boling 112, 3 pm

November 23
Mike Karcz, Orchestral Percussion Clinic
Boling 112, 2:30-4:30 pm

December 5
Caixa Percussion TrioConcert
Boling 112, 3 pm

February 1
Marcus Reddick, masterclass
Boling 112, 5 pm

February 22
Roots of Rhythm Presentations
Watkins Auditorium
Day Show 12 noon
Evening Show 7:30
$5 Admission

March 6
Colby Snider, Junior Percussion Recital, 3 pm
Hamilton Moore, Junior Percussion Recital, 7:30 pm

March 25
Thomas Burritt, Percussion Guest Artist, 2:00 pm master class.

March 27
Cory Bozard, Senior Percussion Recital, 3 pm

March 29 Percussion and Voice Chamber Concert, 7:30 pm

April 9
West TN DOP hosted at UTM, w/Andy Harnsberger and more TBA

April 10
Percussion Ensemble concert w/Andy Harnsberger, 3 pm

April 14
7AM Marimba Choir Concert, 7:30 pm (University Center, Ball Room)

April 26
Stan Head, timpani master class
2:30-4:00 pm

April 28-30
Chamber Percussion Ensemble Festival, Guest Artist and details, TBA

May 1
Dennis Youngblood, Sophomore Percussion Recital, 5:00 pm.

May 15-22
UTM Percussion Studio in BRAZIL

UTM Percussion Calendar of Events 2009-2010

August 22
UTM Skyhawk Marching Percussion Tryouts - 6 - 9 pm with Andy Bliss

August 23-28
Band Camp with our amazing staff:

August 29
Drum Line Tune Up (ALL DAY) with
James Campbell (DCI Hall of Fame Member) and Julie Hill. Contact for a spot. First come, first served.

September 18
Mike McIntosh(Blue Coats)
Clinic with the UTM Marching Percussion Section, 3 pm, Hardy Graham Stadium Parking Lot

October 1
Glen Caruba, Latin Percussion Master Class, 2:30 pm, Humanities Auditorium

October 2
Jay McCutcheon, South Central A/V Sound Clinic

October 6
Maraca2 Percussion Duo
Humanities Auditorium, 8 pm

October 25
Daniel Vargason, Senior Percussion Recital, Humanities Auditorium, 7:30 pm

November 10
UTM Percussion Ensemble Concert
Humanities Auditorium, 8 pm

November 11-15
PASIC, Indianapolis, Indiana

November 17
Jacob Abbott, Senior Percussion Recital, Humanities Auditorium, 8 pm

February 16
Kevin Bobo, Residency

February 18
Rafael Pereira and Bratuke Trio, Brazilian percussion master class,
Humanities Auditorium, 2:30-4 pm.

February 21
Andrew Bliss, Faculty Solo Recital, Humanities Auditorium, 3:00 pm.

February 25
Roots of Rhythm, Humanities Audtorium, Shows at 10 am and 11:30 am, reservations required.

March 5
Josh Smith, Master class, 2:00 pm

March 7
Colin Campbell, drum set/brushes master class, Humanities Auditorium, 5:00 pm

March 11
Robert Kessling, drum set master class, Humanities Auditorium, 2:30 pm.

March 21
Alberto Rojo Trio with Mike Gould, drum set, Brandy's Restaurant, 7:30 pm.

March 22
Mike Gould, drum set master class, Humanities Auditorium, 2-4 pm.

March 28
Nothing in Common
, Piano/Percussion Duo (Andrew Bliss, percussion; Mabel Kwan, piano) Watkins Auditorium, 3:00 pm.

March 30
Percussion Chamber Recital, Humanities Auditorium, 7:30 pm.

April 13
Andrew Lynn, Senior Percussion Recital, Humanities Auditorium, 7:30 pm.

April 16

April 17
Miles Osland, saxophone, jam session, Brandy's Restaurant, 7:30 pm.

April 18
Percussion Ensemble Spring Concert with guest saxophone artists Miles and Lisa Osland, Percussion Rehearsal Room, Boling Center, 3:00 pm.

April 24
TN PAS State Day of Percussion (hosted at MTSU) All Day

April 25
Sean Johnson, Senior Percussion Recital, Percussion Rehearsal Room, Boling Center, 7:30 pm

May 4
Percussion Ensemble Tour, Venues TBA

UTM Percussion Calendar of Events 2008-2009

August 15
Percussion Studio, Buffalo River Trip

August 16
UK Staff Recital (5 pm) followed by Cookout at Julie and David's

August 17
Drum Line Auditions- Battery Noon, Front Ensemble 2:00 pm

September 19
Brian Mason, Santa Clara Vanguard, Clinic on Arranging for Marching Percussion, 3-5 pm

September 20
Skyhawk Marching Invitational, Jamaica Me Happy steel band performs

September 27
Jamaica Me Happy Performs at the Henry Co. Court Square, 10am-12noon

October 11-16

October 19-20
James Ross, Chicago Symphony Percussion, Clinic Sunday 3-5 pm band room, Monday TBA

October 27-30
Nancy Mathesen, Residency

November 5-9
PASIC in Austin, TX

November 16
UTM Percussion Ensemble Performance for the Dyersburg Arts Council, Dyersburg, TN, 3-5pm

November 23
UTM Percussion Ensemble Fall Concert, 3:00 pm, Fine Arts

January 12
Davy Anderson, Guest Percussion Recital, 7:30 pm

January 22
John Parks, Florida State University, Residency and Honor Percussion Ensemble, Guest Clinician

January 23 (Honor Band Montage), 26 (Montage Concert open to the public), and 30 (Honor Choir Montage)

January 26
Brad Meyer, Guest Percussion Recital, 2:00 pm, Band Room

February 2
ROOTS OF RHYTHM in celebration of Black History Month, Show Time, 9:30am $5 admission
Presentation on Mexico Tour, 7:30 pm

February 16
Junior/Senior Day (potential music majors visit us for a day and,
Daniel Vargason and Cory Bozard, Junior Recital, 7:30 pm, Recital Hall

March 23
Jacob Abbott and Jeff Moore, Junior Recital, 7:30 pm

March 30
Julie Hill and Josh Smith, Duo Percussion Recital, 7:30 pm

April 2
Dan Moore, guest artist, Percussion Studio Chamber Concert, 7:30 pm, Fine Arts

April 3
Dan Moore, University of Iowa, Master class/concert 3 - 5 pm

April 19
Spring Percussion Ensemble Concert with UTM Faculty Steel Band and Composer/Percussionist Brian Nozny, 3:00pm

May 3
End of the Year Studio Cookout at Julie and David's house

May 30
Jamaica Me Happy at the Roulhac

UTM Percussion Calendar of Events 2007-2008

August 25
3rd Drum Line TUNE UP with James Campbell and the UTM Marching Percussion Section

September 15

Skyhawk Marching Invitational, Jamaica Me Happy steel band performs

October 1

Caixa Trio at Union University, Evening Concert.

October 2

Caixa Trio at UTM, 1:00 clinic, 7:30 CONCERT/CD RELEASE.

October 8

Sarah Roberts, Senior Percussion Recital, 7:30 pm

October 13

Jamaica Me Happy steel band, play 10 am-noon in the quad for homecoming

October 14

Tom Roady, electronic drum set/percussion clinic – 2-5 pm, band room

November 8-

NEY ROSAURO in concert w/UTM Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble, Fulton Theater, 7:30 pm

November 14

Clint Rawl’s, Senior Percussion Recital, 7:30 pm

November 18

Percussion Ensemble Concert w guest artist, ZOROTHE DRUMMER (drummer w Lenny Kravitz), 1pm master class, 3 pm concert, Fulton Theater

November 25-26

Percussion Ensemble Tour in Memphis/Jackson Area

February 8

Benjamin Scott Somerville, Senior Recital, 7:30pm

February 18

JB Smith/ Bob Spring Percussion/Clarinet Duo, 7:30pm Choir Room

February 21-23

Percussion Ensemble Tour in Middle TN Area

March 14-15

TN State Day of Percussion – TN Tech Host

March 17

Richard Henson, Senior Recital, 7:30pm

April 8

Daniel Vargason/Cory Bozard, Sophomore Recital, 7:30pm

April 27

Spring Percussion Ensemble Concert with Alumni and Friends, 3:00pm

April 29

Larry Marchese Finale Workshop, 1-2:15, band room

UTM Percussion Calendar of Events 2006-2007

June 5-15    
Percussion Studio trip to BRAZIL

July 10
1st Annual Skyhawk Drum Camp with James Campbell
9am-5:30 pm, UTM Fine Arts Building, $25 Admission

August 20    
Drumline Auditions

August 21-25
Band Camp

August 26
Drum Line “TUNE UP” Day, with James Campbell

August 27   
Percussion Studio trip to the Buffalo River

September 4-8
Nancy Mathesen Residency

October 6    
Erin Walker Bliss, Masterclass 12-1
Andy Bliss, Masterclass 3:30-5:00 pm

October 9
Percussion Ensemble/Steel Band Tour
7am Load, 9am Humboldt, 12:00 Dyersburg, 3:15 Jackson, 6:00 return

October 10
Chamber Recital featuring "Vertigo" with Bryan Scott, marimba soloist
and Sarah Roberts, Clint Rawls, and Mark Fairless, trio

October 11
Adrian Baker, Senior Recital, 7:30 pm

October 12
Bryan Scott, Senior Recital, 7:30pm

November 19
Percussion Ensemble Concert, 3:00 pm

January 24
Dr. Michael Gould, master class 5:30-6:30 pm

January 25-27
UTM Honor Bands featuring the Senior High Percussion Ensemble with Dr. Michael Gould
and the Middle School Percussion Ensemble with Benjamin Martin

February 24
UTM percussionists perform "Fast Break" at both half times of the basketball games against Murray State

March 7
Scottie Somerville, Clint Rawls, Sarah Roberts, Junior Recital, 7:30pm

March 18
Niefnorf Masterclass 3-5 pm

March 19
Niefnorf Percussion Ensemble Concert, 7:30pm

March 31
West TN Day of Percussion, Hosted by Julie Hill and UTM
Featuring: Evaristo Aguilar, B.Michael Williams, and James Campbell

April 22
Percussion Ensemble Concert, 3:00 pm


UTM Percussion Calendar 2005-2006                                

August 27th – TUNE UP DAY ! Noon – 7 pm

September 20th – Anders Astrand  and Michael Gould, in concert, combining improvisation with killer grooves. The Caixa Trio will perform along with Gould and Astrand in a world premiere composed for the trio, by Anders Astrand. 8:00 pm, Fine Arts  Auditorium.

October 10- Andy Harnsberger, Guest Marimba Master Class 12-1 pm

November 2-5- Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC)- Coumbus.

November 16- Faculty Chamber Recital 8 pm.

November 20- Percussion Ensemble Concert 3 pm

November 29-December 2- Latin Percussion Workshop  with percussionist Kenneth Metzker.

November 30 – 6-10 pm in the auditorium, open to the public, $10 admission

December 1- 6-10 pm  at Julie’s house, reception to follow, UTM percussion majors only

December 6- Jamaica Me Happy gig , meet FA at 5:00 pm to load

December 10 – Percussion Potluck and Performance, at my house, please bring a large  dish and your families. We will take a marimba, vibes, etc.., for performances.

January 30- February 4- Professor James Campbell, from the University of Kentucky, will be visiting us this week, conducting master classes and private lessons on a variety of percussive issues. He will also guest conduct the Honor Band percussion ensemble.

February 9-10, Steel Band Tour ( you will miss school both days)

                        9th-       Overton High School, Memphis 1:30

Camden Arts Council Series at 7:00 p.m.

                        10th-     Brownsville Middle and High School, Morning/Afternoon

February 21st-Dr. Jason Baker, Snare Drum Masterclass

February 25-  West TN Day of Percussion

Caixa Trio with Steve Houghton

Hosted by the University of Memphis

February 27- Steve Houghton, Drumset Masterclass, 12-1                 

February 27- Steve Houghton and the Caixa Trio in Concert, Theater, 6:30 p.m.

March 13-17Spring Break

March 30 -Steel Band Performs at TMEA in Nashville. 11am.

April 20- Ben Martin- Senior Percussion Recital 8pm.

April 27-Colin Campbell/Jordan Munson- Electronic / Experimental percussion  workshops at 1 pm

April 28- Matt Savage, Drum Circle Facilitation Masterclass, 4-5:30pm.

April 295:00-6:30 Rudimental Worshop with Matt Savage.  

 April 30- Percussion Ensemble Concert 3 pm.  Load in at 8 am followed by rehearsal. 

April 30- Rachel Touchton – Senior Percussion Recital 8 pm.

June 5-16 BRAZIL

July 10- Skyhawk Drum Camp with James Campbell

August 19-25- Auditions and Band Camp

August 26- 2nd Annual Drum Line “Tune Up” with James Campbell.