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Student Activities Council
University of TN at Martin
Martin, TN 38238
Executive Chair: Courtney Brackeen


Student Activities Council
Executive Chairperson

The Executive Chairperson is responsible for upholding the SAC constitution as well as supervising the day to day operation of SAC. The Executive Chairperson must monitor the work of each committee chair serving on the council and work as a liaison between the committee chairs and the advising team. In addition to the overall management of SAC, the chairperson must be of top quality in student and peer leadership ability. The executive chair must be able to form relationships and networking connections with the various faculty and administration that are beneficial to SAC and maintain open lines of communication with the advising team.

Executive Chair: Krysten Reynlolds

Assistant to the Executive Chair

The Assistant to the Executive Chair is responsible for directly assisting the Executive Chair in the day to day operation of SAC. The Assistant is also responsible for closely supervising committee growth and development. This position should move from one area to another weekly, assisting where needed. Excellent leadership qualities must be demonstrated In the absence of the Executive Chair, the Assistant should be able fill in and act as in charge.