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   Self-Study Editorial Guidelines
I.  SACS Self-Study:
   A. Manual
   B. Calendar
   C. Committees and Roles
   D. Editorial Guidelines
   E. News, Events, and Presentations
   F. Report

II. Contact Info

III. SACS Criteria Listed and Numbered

IV. SACS Handbook for Peer Evaluators

V. Compliance Audits
   A. Instructions
   B. Criteria Audits
   C. Institutional Effectiveness Audit
Below you will find a link to a file that contains the SACS Editorial Guidelines.  The file is in Microsoft Word format.  To view this file, you will need either Office 98 (Macintosh), Office 2001 (Macintosh), Office 97 (PC), or Office 2000(PC).  If you have Internet Explorer 5 then you should be able to click on the link and the file will load inside your browser window.  If you use Netscape, you will need to right-click (PC users) or hold down (Mac users) on the file and then choose the Save option to copy the file to your harddrive.  Of course, you can also do the same thing with Internet Explorer to save the file to your harddrive.

If you have trouble downloading this file, feel free to contact Steve Holt, sholt@utm.edu

SACS Editorial Guidelines