Joining Sigma Chi


Pledging Sigma Chi is a process of learning, inspiration, and achievement; it does not include hazing, degradation or humiliation. While each pledge must complete the learning process which leads to Initiation in Sigma Chi, that is accomplished only in a positive and constructive manner. The Fraternity's requirements and policy on this subject are printed in full in the Governing Laws section of The Norman Shield, the pledge manual which each pledge is given upon his installation as a pledge.


Daniel William Cooper, one of the Founders of Sigma Chi, stated: "I trust that the Initiation will never be belittled or disgraced by any unbecoming stunts or low, mean performances which endanger limb, life or morals. It is too good and splendid to be mingled with anything low or debasing. Those who became the Founders rejoice [that] we can leave the interests of Sigma Chi in the hands and minds and hearts of those who will watch over them with zealous care."



A prospective Sigma Chi pledge (a rushee) attends rush parties and meets as many fraternity men as possible. By asking questions about any aspect of the fraternity, he expresses his interest; no one should join an organization he knows nothing about. By visiting the various fraternities on his campus, he can evaluate each and determine whether to join or not to join. If he decides to join, he can express interest to those groups with whom he feels most comfortable.


After rush parties are completed the active members of the fraternity meet for a bid session. At this time each man who has expressed interest in pledging Sigma Chi is discussed by the chapter. If the chapter decides to offer a bid to a rushee, he will receive an invitation to pledge at the appropriate time designated by the Interfraterity Council.


A bid is a written invitation to pledge a fraternity. If a man chooses to accept the bid from Sigma Chi, from that point on he is considered a Sigma Chi pledge and may wear shirts, etc., with the words "SIGMA CHI" or "SIGS" but not the Greek letters Sigma Chi (a national regulation).

The pledge class is formally "installed" on a specified day soon after the close of the rush period. The installation ceremony is uniform for all Sigma Chi pledge classes throughout North America. After this ceremony a man is officially a pledge of the Sigma Chi Fraternity and joins thousands of men across the United States and Canada who have taken the same step he did.



" honest, have integrity, be able to cooperate and get along with others. Sigma Chi is a great place to learn that and that's why it's a great thing to join this fraternity."

- Jim Palmer, Arizona State 1967