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Hickey's Music Center, located in Ithaca, New York, is the recommended supplier of music, recordings, and accessories for the UTM Trombone Studio. Hickey's has an excellent selection of trombone materials, and they will have all of the materials UTM trombonists are required to have for study.

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For those students who may worry about instruments and equipment, the UTM Trombone Studio and Department of Music have several items available that current Department of Music students may sign out. For more information, please speak with Dr. Frye.

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The website below provides excellent, understandable information regarding copyright for musicians

Trombonists of Note

The following websites are those of notable professional trombonists whom you should know as trombone majors.

Tenor Trombonists Bass Trombonists
  • Ben van Dijk—Bass Trombone, Rotterdam Philharmoninc Orchestra
  • Paul Pollard—Bass Trombone, New York Metropolitan Opera
  • Dave Taylor—Freelance Bass Trombone, New York City
  • Douglas Yeo—Former Bass Trombone, Boston Symphony Orchestra