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The Wildlife Society, founded in 1937, is the non profit scientific & educational society of nearly 10,000 professionals & students. Society members are dedicated to sustainable management of wildlife resources & their habitats. Ecology is the primary scientific discipline of the wildlife profession. The interests of the Society, therefore, embrace the interactions of all organisms with their natural environments. The Society recognizes that humans, as other organisms, have a total dependency upon the environment. It is the Society's belief also that wildlife, in its myriad forms, is basic to the maintenance of a human culture that provides quality living.

The University of Tennessee at Martin Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society was chartered on March 3rd 1989.  The objectives of the Student Chapter, consistent with those of The Wildlife Society, are to:

1. develop and promote sound stewardship of wildlife resources and the environments upon which the wildlife and humans depend;

2. undertake an active role in preventing human-induced environmental degradation;

3. increase awareness and appreciation of wildlife values; and

4. seek the highest standards in all activities of the wildlife profession.  

To aid in the achievement of these objectives, the Student Chapter strives to:

1. provide opportunities for better liaison among individual members, their Chapters, Sections, and The Society;

2. evaluate and respond to the principles involved in proposed or enacted societal actions that could affect wildlife or its habitats;

3. encourage professionalism and high standards of scholarship and help create a good understanding of employers' objectives and needs;

4. focus the aims and objectives of The Society and the Southeastern Section upon professional wildlife needs, problems, and events in local situations; and

5. encourage communication between members and non-members to create climates where understanding of the resource management sciences will be improved.  

Although the Student Chapter is composed primarily of Natural Resources Management majors in the Wildlife Biology Concentration, membership is open to all University of Tennessee at Martin students.  Dues are $12.00 per semester or $20 annually, and can be paid directly to the Treasurer at any Chapter meeting or function.