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University of Tennessee at Martin and Consultion & Mediation Institute




Raymond L. Stevenson

Rule 31 Trainer/Practitioner

159 Strawberry Lane
Martin, TN

Phone: 731-571-4408
Fax: 731-281-4376


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General Civil Mediation Training course approved by the Tennessee Supreme Court for Rule 31 listing. He has over ten years of work experience and has completed a 40 hour approved training. He is also listed as a Civil Mediator in Kentucky and Georgia. On April 25, 2007 the University of Tennessee at Martin and Consultant & Mediation Institute Curriculum was approved for General Civil Mediation Training by the Tennessee Supreme Court Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission.


Practice Areas:

    Business Compliance Commercial & Financial
    Contracts Employment Relation Issues
    Intellectual Property Personal Injury
    Professional Liability Investigations

Education and Training:

Mr. Stevenson draws on his 30 years of human resource experience in diverse areas of corporate, business, labor relations, compliance, investigation, and real estates, as well as his training, experience and skills in mediation to bring about resolution of disputes where the parties often achieve maximum satisfaction of their interests beyond their expectations.



Recommended Books:

Getting toYes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving; by Roger Fisher (Author), William L. Ury (Author), Bruce Patton (Editor) "Like it or not, you are a negotiator.

Pre-Mediation Questionnaire: Dispute Clarification Tool;  John Gromala

Why Mediation Works;  Michael Roberts

Litigate Or Mediate?: Mediation As An Alternative To Lawsuits; Adrienne Krikorian

The “What” of Mediation: When Is Mediation the Right Process Choice?; Paula Young

Mediator Neutrality: How is it possible?; Rachel Fishman Green, Esq

Pre-Mediation Questionnaire: Dispute Clarification Tool; Jerry Roscoe

Resolving Disputes Through Employment Mediation; Michael Roberts

Mediation: The Sensible Means For Resolving Contract Disputes; Kenneth P. Kelsey

Student/Peer Mediation: A Multi-Purpose Tool; Jim Eisele

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