Bulletin Board for English 112, Section 33 Spring 1999

Welcome to our online discussion! This format emphasizes your written contributions to the discussion of the work we are looking at in class each week, and should give you time to think about what you want to say and contribute it quickly. New comments are added at the top, so in order to read the postings in order, you have to read from the bottom up. In order to see new postings, reload the page. Remember that you are only "present" if you contribute to the discussion, and those who contribute more, and more thoughtful comments, will get higher marks for participation. Make specific reference to the parts of the work that support your observations. In discussing these works, feel free to disagree with each other and to ask each other for an explanation of opinions and points of view which you don't understand, but please treat each other courteously. One of the marks of an educated person is the ability to debate an issue with someone without personalizing your disagreement.

Poetry - Pattern

Start with an observation about your own poem, perhaps explaining why you picked this one. Then find one of the other poems to make a comment about, or to ask a question about; and then things should pick up from there. The person who suggested the poem does not have to be the one to answer questions about it--anyone can. Go back to the UTM English page; to Everett's English page; to The English 112 page