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2006 Meeting--Birmingham, AL, November 15-18, 2006

News about the 2007 Annual Meeting

The 73rd annual meeting of the Southern Historical Association will be held in Richmond, VA,  from October 31 to November 3 at the Richmond Marriott Hotel. The European History Association will host its Business Luncheon on Friday, November 2, at noon, and its annual reception on Friday, November 2, from 5 to 7 pm. The European History Section program will feature eight sessions devoted to European or comparative panels. Conference programs will be mailed to active EHS members around September 1.

                                                              2007 EHS Program

National Identity, Race and the Question of Slavery in Eighteenth Century and Revolutionary France

Chair: Louisa Rice (Drury University)
Jeffrey Burson, (George Mason University, North Virginia Community College):      Representations of the Chinese in French Enlightenment Thought
Robert Rhodes Crout (College of Charleston): Lafayette's Cayenne Emancipation Experiments
Nupur Chaudhuri (Texas Southern University): Pierre Caron de Beaumarchais and the Slavery Question
James Munson (Longwood University): Clash of Cultures: French Views of the English Economy
Comments: Louisa Rice (Drury University)

Digital Resources for European History

Chair: T. Mills Kelly (George Mason University)
            Matt Romaniello (George Mason University): Making the History of 1989  
            Steven Barnes (George Mason University): Gulag: Many Days, Many Lives
            Kristin Cay Lehner (George Mason University): European Sources and World History Matters
Comments: T. Mills Kelly (George Mason University)

Latin and Mediterranean Identity in the Era of the World Wars

Chair: Mirjana Morosini-Dominick (Georgetown University)
            Aaron Gillette (University of Houston-Downtown): Panlatinism During World War
Joshua Arthurs (University of Chicago): The Universal Mission: Latin Imperialism in Fascist Italy, 1935-1943
Eric Reisenauer (University of South Carolina-Sumter): Both Other and Brother: The Place of the Jew in British Imperial Thought
Comments:  Mirjana Morosini-Dominick (Georgetown University)

Perspectives on Interwar German Life

Chair: Donald Mc Kale (Clemson University)
Marie-Emmanuelle Reytier (Hochschule Vechta): German Catholics and Peace during the Weimar Republic
            Stefan Vogt (Amsterdam): Paul Tillich's "Socialist Decision"
Joseph White (U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum): The Multiple Roles of the Press in Documenting the Early Nazi Camps, 1933
             Bruce Campbell (College of William and Mary): A National/Socialist Army?
Comments: Robert Herzstein University of South Carolina)

                                                          Heros and Heroic Myths

Chair: Annette Finley-Croswhite (Old Dominion University
Raymond Pierre Hylton (Virginia Union University): Ireland's French Viceroy: the controversial career of Henri, Earl of Galway, 1692-1701
Virginia Lunsford (U. S. Naval Academy): Hellish Bandit or Noble Hero? Jean Lafitte and the Myth of Piracy
Aliza Wong (Texas Tech University): Cowboy Contests: Italy and the Construction of the Tuscan "Old West"
Comments: Annette Finley-Croswhite (Old Dominion University)

                           Medieval and Early Modern Perspectives on Religion and State

Chair: Fred Baumgartner (Virginia Tech University)
Stefano D'Amico (Texas Tech University): Shelters for Endangered Women in Counter-Reformation Milan
            Darcy Kern (Georgetown University): Legitimacy and Coronation in Fifteenth Century England
Kathy Pearson (Old Dominion University): The meaning of Food Anecdotes in the "Dialogues" of Pope Gregory I
Comments: Fred Baumgartner (Virginia Tech University)

                                       European Imperialism and Unraveling Empires

Chair: Richard Voeltz (Cameron University)
Valerie McKito (Texas Tech University): Challenging the Empire: the First Round Table Conference
            Matthew Stanard (Berry College): Is There Life after Empire: Colonial Expositions in Belgium
            Lee Whitfield (Wheelock College): North Africa's Ethnic Mosaic
Comments: Richard Voeltz (Cameron University)

                                              World War: Impact and Remembrance

Chair: Graydon (Jack) Tunstall (University of South Florida)
Curtis Morgan (Lord Fairfax Community College): German Role in the American Occupation, 1945-1946
            Davide Zampoli (Florence University): Towards a Common Foreign Policy
            Wendy Koenig (Middle Tennessee State University): Pressure of Space -- Holocaust Museums
Roman Puff (Vienna University Economic and BA): Would probably mean war: Wilson and Austria-Hungary
Comments: Graydon (Jack) Tunstall (University of South Florida)