The University of Tennessee at Martin
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

Bob Bradley’s CS 490 - Special Topics - Windows Programming with C# and .Net

Project #1 - Windows Clock Program

Using C# and the .Net framework, create a clock program as outlined below:

Part 1

  • Use a Windows Form

  • Don't forget to change the Title Bar Text (Clock)

  • Add a Timer

    • Updates Digitial Display

    • Updates Analog Display

    • Later Speaks time at intervials

  • Add a Digitial Display (Label)

    • Displays time as HH:MM:SS

    • Include a Font Selector (font and style), color optional

  • Add an Analog Display (Picture Control)

    • Override Paint Method

    • Have the timer call the picture's Invalidate method to redraw it

    • H,M,S hands

    • Tick Marks

    • Face Numbers (optional)

Part 3
  • Add an Option Dialog (chosen from menu)

    • Speech on or off CHECK BOX

    • If speech is on then options for

      • Say time every TEXTBOX

      • (seconds / minutes / hours) popup ComboBox

    • If speech is off

      • Grey out Say time and sec/min/hour popup

    • Notify Icon option

      • On or Off CHECK BOX

    • Editable title TEXTBOX (so that the user can change the title)

    • Creatre a struct or class to put all of these options in

    • If the user clicks OK then SERIALIZE these options as described in the book

    • else Dont use options if user CANCELS

  • Add LOAD code to read back in the options on start

Part 2

  • Add Speech

    • Say time when selected from menu or button

    • Say times at intervials (min or hourly)

  • Add a Notify Icon

    • Hide Menu

    • Notify Icon re-shows

    • Override close and minimize buttons