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The Book of Bob - Chapter 1


Your fortune (aka stupid sayings)...


Who am I?

Hi, my name is Bob Bradley and I work for the University of Tennessee at Martin Computer Center. My e-mail address is bbradley@utm.edu. I am currently 27 years old. At least I am in the first part of 1997. Since I have been known to go years without updating my web page I guess I better just tell you that I was born in 1969 and let you do the math.

My official title here at the Computer Center is (let me look on my business card ...) Applied Computer Analyst. I usually tell people that I fall under the miscellaneous category. I help provide academic computing support for students, staff and faculty. I specialize in PC, Mac and networking support, mostly software. I also help run the faculty and staff Unix boxes, help maintain the email and web software, help plan and administrate the campus network and help provide training via short training classes for faculty and staff. This year (SP 1997) I am also teaching a "TCP/IP Programming" class for the Computer Science department.

I also work for a small software company called ZBSoft Corp and I am the creator of the ZBServer software. ZBServer is an integrated Web, gopher and FTP server for computers running MS Windows. It is now used by thousands of people around the world in over 28 countries. More information can be found at http://www.zbserver.com/ which is located on a computer at Internet Services of West Tennessee who (by the way) are also running my web server.

I was born in Trenton, TN and many moons ago I went to school at Bradford High School. Bradford is about 30 miles south of here (Martin, TN). I got my BS from here at UTM and then went to work on my masters at UTK. While at UTK, I was offered a job back here at UTM and have been working here since. If you are really bored, you can look at my resume.


Family Pictures

Here is a picture of my family. That's Mom (Patricia) and Dad (James T.) and sister (Amy). Mom and Dad are both retired now and live in Trenton.

Here is a picture of my lovely wife, Beth Walker. She currently teaches freshman English here at UTM. She has finished her masters in English from UTK.




Here are some misc. links for your enjoyment:


Some ZBServer Sites


Thomas Naughton runs The Beavis Archive
- Who knows what might be there, but it is really cool.

Brandes Holcomb runs The Repair Corner

Karl Johnson runs The Place
and he can be seen on
The Repair Corner

The UTMCC Software Archive

The official ZBServer site.

Internet Services of West Tennessee
- This site is currently running ZBServer.



Mike Reith in Canada - http://reith.imb.nrc.ca/default.htm
- One of the first ZBServer sites.

George Cohen in Texas -
- One of the first ZBServer sites, but I think it has moved on.


Other Sites


Take a look at my wife's page
- Well her page is old, but it has some cool pictures of her and of U2 on it.

Another student worker site. May or may not be up.