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This exhaustive collection of nearly 800 electronic French dictionaries, glossaries and wordlists gives access to hundreds of thousands of words, terms and expressions. Combined with a CD-delivered lexical database such as TERMIUM and your choice of paper dictionary, a picture-based dictionary (with detailed drawings), it is a fitting and complete tool for all, from student to professional translator.

French & languages other than English

French Business, Economics and Finance Dictionaries

French Dictionaries for Clothing & Cosmetics

French Computers & Information Technology Dictionaries

French Cuisine & Food Dictionaries

French Etymology @ Globe-Gate

French Legal, Social & Political Dictionaries

French Sports, Hobbies and Leisure Activities Dictionaries

French Wordlists and Forums for Vocabulary

Historic Dictionaries and Historical French

Machine Translation, French-English-French Dictionaries, Encyclopedias

Medical, Technical, Math, Scientific, Transportation Dictionaries

Regional French & French Romance Dialect Dictionaries

Sigles, Acronymes, Abréviations, etc.

Dictionaries to be Classified

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