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Department of Modern Foreign Languages

Spring 2002

French 451 (French for Business and the Professions); MWF 11- 11:50 PM. Successful completion of French 212 or departmental permission required. Prof. TennesseeBob Peckham (427E Humanities -Tel. 7424. Home 881-6562. e-mail:

  Les examens CCIP seront le 26 avril à Vanderbilt  

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Successful completion of this course will add 3 of the 21 semester hours in courses numbered 300 or above required of a French major.

In addition, the course offered partly fulfills 4 of the departments "MISSION" points:

The course web site is your point of departure for all relevant assignments, so come frequently to the address below::

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Dr. Peckham's office hours

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MEDIA: French-language www sites, videotaped French business interviews, TV5, selected software from the MTLRC collection, French periodicals, maps. No materials are

GOALS: "French for Business and the Professions" is a course refocused to meet more precisely the needs of students wanting to incorporate a knowledge of French language and culture into a variety of future workplaces. Students will advance linguistically and culturally through an active study of the the economies, business practices, labor, consumer habits and the professions in two corners of the francophone world, France and Quebec. They will personalize this knowledge through an articulation of their own career plans, comparing what they will face with the career paths of their counterparts in France. Our target proficiencies for attendees of physical classroom sessions are an ACTFL oral "Intermediate High" to "Advanced Plus" (depending on entry level), a real skill in gathering and synthesizing information from authentic sources and a true learning independence to facilitate professional growth. . It is designed with a mostly online format for attendance flexibility to accommodate those whose class and/or work schedules will not allow them to attend all classes. Yet, there will be relevant and effective activities for all physical classroom participants.

OBJECTIVES: (referred to by abbreviation Ob+number in lesson list)

1. Read assigned basic web sites on French and Quebec economies, answering all questions (for testing).
2. Follow economy regularly in newspaper articles, or radio/TV reports.
        Find and summarize one consumer, business, economic report every two weeks.
3. Learn general business vocabulary and personal professional vocabulary.
4. Learn (by doing) the techniques of standard business and professional communication.
5. Follow one company on the Paris or Montreal stock exchanges (also through the company web site).
6. Find and summarize 3 substantial French-language reports on your field .
7. Pass a test in Québec and French geography (minimum grade of B).
8. Give sevaral 30-second factual reports on your field.
9. Give a 5-minute oral report on your field, teaching the class 10 field-specific vocabulary and 2 sentences on the function of and work in the field.
10. Prepare to sustain a 5 to 7 minute extemporaneous conversation about your profession.
11. Submit for testing, and be tested on 30 important vocabulary words unique to your chosen field
12. Participate in a class French email discussion list
ATTENDANCE: Student attendees of physical classroom sessions are allowed 3 unexcused absences without penalty. EACH additional absence will result in the subtraction of half a point from their course grade (on 100 scale). For perfect attendance, 1 point will be added to the final grade. Those who will have regular absences because of scheduling difficulties must see me during the first two days of class.

ASSIGNMENTS will be specified in the lesson list below. All of those to be handed in will be typed or will be submitted in electronic form, as a Microsoft Word attchment or in the text of an email. All late assigignments (not officially excused) will cary a penalty to be determined by the situation and importance of the assignment.

GRADE SCALE & DETERMINATION: 90 -100 = A; 80 - 89 = B; 70 - 79 = C; 60 - 69 = D; below 60 = F. I use a 1000 point scale, so divide by 10. Best 4 tests of 5 (France, Québec, Geography, Vocabulary, Europe) = 400, assignments and all participation (class and/or online, Ob 1, 2, 5, 12) = 200, elements of your profession (Ob 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11) = 200, comprehensive final = 200. There are a number of opportunities for extra credit. Besides the cultural events, conversation tables and extra TV5, I will offer 100 extra points on my 1000-point scale to anyone who will sign up for, study for and take (showing evidence for all 3) an appropriate CCIP (Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie) exam, which will be offered this Spring at Vanderbilt. Also, for this I will provided the van for travel and a free meal.

GENERAL & ETHICAL EXPECTATIONS: We expect students to demonstrate a solid work ethic, and to conduct themeselves as ladies and gentlemen, with the

UTMartin University Policies and Procedures for Students

as a base-line minumum for their behavior. Anything else is unacceptable to this instructor.

CULTURAL EVENTS: The department strongly encourages those who will make use of a foreign language in their professions to reach an acceptable level of general cultural awareness. To this end, we have a CULTURAL EVENTS POLICY. Students qualify for extra credit by attending approved cultural events. They will be penalized for not attending a prescribed number of cultural events. PLEASE SEE DEPARTMENT'S CULTURAL EVENTS POLICY, on the handout or @ the following address:

HELP! Be honest with yourself and with me. If you have difficulty in this course, use your resource materials, and contact me ASAP. I want you to succeed.

TV 5: You are required to watch one half hour of TV5 programming (click "états-unis->Chicago->la grille de...") on this international French station each week, and you will receive extra credit forpassing in a summary (150 words, in French) of program content. You may also wish to listen directly to today's Dimanche économie de RFI.

CONVERSATION HOUR: You must attend three of the weekly conversation hours organized by the French Faculty. You will earn extra credit if they attend four or more sessions.

FRENCH CLUB: All interested students are encouraged to join the CERCLE FRANCOPHONE and to enrich their understanding of the French language and francophone culture by participating in its activities.

Since the approach to this course is experimental and catered in part to the talent, preparation and interest profiles individual students, you can expect changes in the lesson list. There will be an alteration of schedule for whatever our Spring videoconference necessitates.


J07 -- Course Intro., begin France - L'Economie, comparative economic facts from On the Importance of Knowing French
J09 -- Des impératifs changeants,   Une économie assainie and Questionnaire, Euro #1
J11 -- Un environnement européen favorable and accent assignment, Euro #2, Questionnaire
J14 -- Des entreprises dynamiques and Questionnaire, Euro #3
J16 -- L'agriculture and Questionnaire, Euro #4
J18 -- L'énergie and Questionnaire, Euro #5 , Ob2
J21 -- Martin Luther King holiday
J23 -- L'industrie and Questionnaire, Euro #6
J25 -- Les services and Questionnaire, Euro #7
J28 -- Les transports and Questionnaire, Euro #8
J30 -- Les télécommunications and Questionnaire, Euro #9, Ob6 (report 1)
F01 -- Des objectifs renouvelés and Questionnaire, Euro #10
F04 -- L'impact de la régionalisation and Questionnaire, Ob2
F06 -- De nouvelles perspectives: un rééquilibrage en faveur de l'emploi et de l'environnement and Questionnaire
F08 -- Les formes juridiques
F11 -- test on France
F13 -- Les vocabulaires du travail, and Questionnaire 2 (Ob3)

F15 -- A CV in French (draft) and work on a portfolio in English (Ob4); see Questionnaire 2
F18 -- Les institutions financières au Québec (all objective & vocabulary exercises), Ob2, + aid

F20 -- Les institutions financières au Québec (all objective & vocabulary exercises)
F22 -- La publicité au Québec (all objective & vocabulary exercises) + aid
F25 -- La publicité au Québec (all objective & vocabulary exercises)
F27 -- Le tourisme international au Québec (all objective & vocabulary exercises)
M01 -- Le tourisme international au Québec, Accord de libre échange nord américain (Foire aux Questions), Ob6 (report 2)
M04 -- Review day, Ob2
M06 -- Les exportations internationales du Québec (1st article & Ex. 1)
M11 -- Spring break through M15
M18 -- test on Québec, essays from these resources:
M20 -- Professional correspondence with FRANCE - Ecrivain Public Virtuel, finsished CV, cover letter, TBA
M22 -- Other professional correspondence TBA
M25 -- most common office tools and procedures vocabulary (TBA)
M26 -- Visioconférence
M27 -- most commmon postal and freight forwarding vocabulary (TBA), Ob2
M29 -- most common transportation and travel vocabulary its practical context and an exercise
A01 -- Good Friday holiday
A03 -- Lexique bancaire (Banque populaire des alpes). Vocabulary & geography tests available (to be taken in H427, when semonitor available). Begin work on L'Europe
A05 -- Continue study of European Union, Ob6 (report 3)
A08 -- Continue portfolio work
A10 -- TBA, Ob2
A12 -- TBA
A15 -- TBA
A17 -- TBA
A19 -- TBA, Ob9 oral reports
A22 -- TBA, Ob9 test
A24 -- TBA, Ob2
A26 -- TBA, Ob11
A29 -- Last day of class

Final is May 7 (7:45 AM)

Here are some personal career resource starting points. Are any of these career areas yours? Check back later for more.

You should use the library to prepare for the Geography test, but here are some web resources: For France (métropole), I want all major rivers (fleuves), all regions, all mountain ranges, coutries boardering France and cities of over 100,000 population.

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*NOTE: "Any student eligible for and requesting academic accommodations due to a disability is requested to provide a letter of accommodation from P.A.C.E or Student Academic Support Center within the first two weeks of the semester".

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