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How does one media revolution join another?  Through our digital posture, we can experience the newness of the printing press, capturing the attention of late medieval Europe.  We can erase not only the time separating us from the 15th-century, but also the distance separating us from the physical collections as well as the restrictions of library schedules, by consulting and reading incunabula from where we sit, or from wherever we carry a mobile digital communication device.  We can compare typefaces, page layouts, abbreviations, punctuation, spelling, etc.  The first group of links features collections of digital facsimiles or of actual incunabula or a single such volume which can be read cover-to-cover online.  The scond leads to collections where we can consult only selected pages of incunabula.  Other extensive collections permitting the consultation of early book (some medieval) are:

          Analytic Bibliography of On-Line Neo-Latin Texts
          Large Digital Libraries of Pre-1800 Printed Books in Western Languages (Archivalia)

This the thrid page of the Andy Holt Virtual Library's section devoted to 15th-century printed books. The second page contains lists and catalogs testifying to the presence of these books all over the world.



    Incunabules en bibliotecas andaluzas

    Browse by Rare Books and Archival Materials (Catena Digital Archive, Bard College)

    La Biblioteca Nacional Hispánica - Incunables

    Livros publicados em 1501- Biblioteca Nacional de Portugual

    Biblioteca Universidad Computense de Madrid - Biblioteca Digital Dioscórides (incunables)
    Biblioteca de la Universidad de Zaragoza - INCUNABLES
    Pico Project - Brown University and Università degli Studi di Bologna

    "Pestilence" and the Printed Books of the Late 15th Century (Harvard U. Library Open Collections, 4 incunabula)

    Heidelberger Inkunabeln – digital

    Gallica BNF (use advanced search for dates, hundreds of results)

    Digital Materials from the Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection (Library of Congress)

    Library of Congress Rare Book and Special Collections (some  whole incunabula)

    Münchener Digitalisierungszentrum - Inkunabeln

    Early printed books - National Digital Library - BN Polonia 

    Biblioteca Universitaria - Universidad de Santiago de Compostela [look for  "BUSC dixital. Incunables"]

    Obras Raras & Especiais (Biblioteca Digital) - Universidad de São Paulo

    Biblioteca Digital Séneca - Incunables

    Incunables - Fondos Digitalizados de la Universidad de Sevilla

    Laures Rare-Book Database & Virtual Library (Kirishitan Bunko, Sophia Univarsity, Tokyo, Japan

    Col·lecció digitalitzada de fons antic conservat en la Universitat de València

    Differently organized presentations of the same digitization project - Incunabula

        Decentral Digital Incunabula Collection (vdIB) - Herzog August Bibliothek

        Verteilte Digitale Inkunabelbibliothek

Single Works

    Catholicon, seu Vocabularius universalis et prosodia vel grammatica

    Digitalisierte Exemplare - The Gutenberg Bible Online (all available copies)


    Tertullianus : Apologeticum Images of complete Editio Princeps, Bernardinus Benalius, Venice (prior to 1493)

Single Works from photographic facsimiles

    John Lydgate. Assemple of Goddes.   Westminster: Wynken de Worde, around 1500. (1906 facsimile)

    John Lydgate. The temple of glass (1905)

    Der Pfaffe Amis von dem Stricker : ein Illustrierter Strassburger Wiegendruck : nach dem Original in der Münchener K. Hof- und Staatsbibliothek (1912)

    A reprint in facsimile of a treatise spekynge of arte & crafte to knowe well to dye. Translated oute of Frenshe in to Englysshe, by Willm Caxton (1875)

    A litil boke the whiche traytied and reherced many gode thinges necessaries for the ... pestilence (1910)

    A treatise of fysshynge wyth an angle; being a facsimile reprod. of the first book on the subject of fishing. Wynkyn de Worde at Westminster in 1496 (1880)

    Juliana Berners. The boke of Saint Albans ([18--])

    The Dictes and sayings of the philosophers. A facsimile reproduction of the first book printed in England by William Caxton in 1477 (1877)

    A ryght profytable treatyse compendiously drawen out of many dyvers wrytynges of holy men (1905)

    Von Sant Menrat ein hüpsch lieplich Lesen was ellend un armut er erlitten hat (1496, facsimile 1890)

    John D. Russell. Propositio Johannis Russell [printed by William Caxton in 1494] (1909)

    Bartolomé Mates. Facsímil de la gramática d'En Mates, estampada a Barcelona ab la data de l'any 1468,
    y noticies ilustratives de la seva celebritat, escrites per Eudald Canibell (1906)

    Geoffrey Chaucer. The story of Queen Anelida and the false Artcie: by Geoffrey Chaucer. Westminster: William Caxton about the year 1477 (1905)

    The book of curtesye : printed at Westminster by William Caxton about the year 1477 (1907)


    Academia della Crusca - Catalogo degli incunaboli

    Les Incunables de la Médiothèque Pierre Amalric, Bibliothèques Municipales d'Albi

    Rare Books & Special Collections: 15th Century (Belmont Abbey College)

    Highlights from the rare books collections collections. Saint John's College, Cambridge

    Browse the Posner Collection (Carnegie Mellon University, some incunabula)

    Breviarum Romanum Venice, 1478 Nicolaus Jenson (Univervity of Glasgow)

    Catalogue des incunables imprimés à Genève : 1478-1500

    Incunabula & 16th Century Printing (Grand Valley State Univ.)

    Hardenburg - Johannes A Lasco Bibliothek Emden

    Incunabula and the Keio University Library Collection

    Additional Digitized Print Materials (Library of Congress)

    Incunabula Collection (selected pages) National Diet Library, Japan

    Incunables de la  Bibliothèque Diocésaine de Nancy

    Renaissance Dante in Print (Notre Dame University, 9 incunabula)

    Pagine e immagini del Quattrocento

    Online Highlights of the Valerie R. Hotchkiss Reformation Collection, Bridwell Library, Southern Methodist University

    Incunaboli - Provincia dell'Aquila, Biblioteca "Salvatore Tommasi"

    Die Inkunabelsammlung der Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg

    An Attempt of Investigating the Four Incunabula in the Tanaka. Collection of Taiwan University Library

    Wikimedia Commons: Incunabula

    The Infancy of Printing - Incunabula at the Golda Meir Library, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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