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    My name is Chris Baxter, and I am professor of political science at the University of Tennessee at Martin.  This web site is designed to serve as an introduction to U. T. M.'s political science program and services and my role in them.  In addition to teaching courses in American government and public administration, I also serve as pre-law advisor and as coordinator of U. T. M.'s legislative internship program.   

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Christopher M. Baxter, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science

The University of Tennessee at Martin

225 Business Administration Building

Martin, TN  38238


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    For a complete discussion of U.T.M.’s political science degree programs and degree requirements, please visit our departmental web site.  Also feel free to visit us on Facebook and on  Twitter .


     I primarily teach courses in American government and public administration.  I regularly teach POSC 210, American Government and Politics.  In the area of public administration I teach POSC 314 (Intergovernmental Relations), POSC 353 Administrative Law, POSC 361 Intro to Public Administration, POSC 363 Public Budgeting and Personnel Management, and POSC 431-2 American Constitutional Law.



   In addition to my teaching areas, I am also interested in the study of judicial politics, particularly judicial selection and judicial behavior in the state and federal courts.  See my External Links page for a list of some of my favorite courts-related sites.



     As I mentioned above, I provide pre-law advising services to students across the U. T. M. campus and serve as coordinator of our legislative internship program.  Since 2005 I have participated in the First-Year Initiative for freshmen and other students new to U. T. M.  Since 2007 I have proudly participated in UTM's Governor's School for the Humanities.  I also a member of UTM's chapter of the Phi Kappa Phi honors fraternity.

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