Art History Minor

Instructor: Dr. Carol A. Eckert, Assistant Professor


The minor in Art History consists of ARTH 210, 211, FA 310, FA 410 and

Six hours selected from ARTH 320, 330, 340, or 350. total hours required: 18

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ARTH 210

History of Art (Part 1)

ARTH 320

History of Graphic Design

ARTH 211

History of Art (Part 2)

ARTH 330

Visual Traditions of Non-Western Cultures

FA 310


ARTH 340

Art of the Classical World & the Western Traditions

FA 410

Art Theory & Criticism

ARTH 350

Women in the Arts

An Art History minor would be an excellent combination with history, Interior Design/Fashion Merchandising, Philosophy, English, Communications or Music.

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