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Here is an applet for projectile motion
(written by Bob McGrew formerly OSSM student, currently at Stanford), click and test!: http://www.utm.edu/~cerkal/ProjectileDemo.html
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PHYS 221: University Physics



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Lecture notes:

Review Notes for the whole course

Electric Potential

A sample circuits problem

Right Hand Rule


 Quiz 2-Retake: http://www.utm.edu/~cerkal/221q2.html

Quiz 3, Quiz 4,Quiz 6, Quiz 7


Answer key for test 1: Answer key test 1:

Lab report outline: Lab report outline:

Lab Handouts:

 Lab1: Mapping E-field..

 Lab 2: Resistive Circuit

Lab 3: Internal Resistance of a Battery

Lab 4 : Resistivity Measurement

PHYS 201: Physical Measurements:

syllabus, Answer key for Quizzes

Lecture Notes:

Lect. notes. 1:lect1.html

Lect. notes  2: lect2.html

Lect. notes 3: Lect3.html

Lect. Notes 4 Lect4.html

Lect. Notes 5: Lecpage1.jgp,Lecpage2.jpg

Summary: Summary for final


Lab report outline: Lab report outline: 

Lab 2 writeup (Sept. 18-21) :

Lab 2 Uniform-Accelerated Motion: 

Lab 3 Write-up: Lab 3: Projectile Motion

Lab 4 write-up: Lab4: Newton's Second Law

Lab 5 Write-up Lab 5: Using Pendulum to Measure g

Learn how to read :
A Triple beam balance  reads 12.23 gram

A micrometer:

A vernier caliper