Java Applets for Reaction Time Measurements :

1) This site is a good exercise to measure reaction time when you are driving!  It is also a good example for accelerated motion.

2)  Play this on the screen and record your reaction times as many as your instructor requires.  Do not need to copy the script to your computer!!!

3) In this reaction time measurement applet, a different aspect of your reaction time is measured!  You need to start the program at a button by clicking on it, then move the mouse to another one to stop it.

Java Applets for Astronomy/Physics:

1)  This applet contains some Astronomy, heat pump, and an ideal gas simulation.  Ideal gas and heat pump are impressive.  Also appropriate for high school level.

2)  Some of the demo’s in this site are more advanced.  One of the best I have seen so far. PHYS 221,220

3) This site contains some optics, magnetic field and electric circuits applets.

4)  Electric field lines are drawn for a given set of charges.  It is OK applet, however,  it does not produce ,on its own,  proportional number of lines!

5) This applet shows the path of a charged particle in a E and B field.  Good for PHYS 221 class.

6) Another advanced applet showing the motion of a charged particle in electromagnetic field. PHYS 221

7) This is a very good applet to show filed lines as well as equipotential lines.  It does places correctly the number of lines!(five star). PHYS 221, PHYS 212

8) This demo shows polarization.  PHYS 221, PHYS212

9) This is advanced applet.  It may be good for electrical engineering students.  ENGINEERING,ADVANCED  PHYSICS

10) This is also advance, it shows the electric field lines of a moving charge.  You can control the motion of the charge. PHYS 221

11) This is about accelerated motion. It includes a sketch of the motion along with graphs and numerical displays.  MECHANICS , PHYS 220 or PHYS 211

12)  This is an excellent simulation for energy, force on the pendulum bob, velocity and displacement of the pendulum.

13)  Excellent simulations by Walter Fendt about electricity, mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, atomic model, modern, nuclear, one in an relativity and more.  One of the best and most complete demo set I have ever seen.  PHYS 221, PHYS 220, PHYS 211, PHYS 211