UT Martin Putting Together a Strategic Plan

UTM is putting together a strategic plan for our school’s development over the next five years.  Out of discussions with a number of faculty on campus I drew up a short proposal about what I’d like UTM to become.  At the center of that proposal is a new mission statement:

Given that democracy cannot function without informed and self-aware citizens, we, students, faculty, and staff at the University of Tennessee at Martin set as our mission:

  • Developing a greater understanding of who each of us are as individuals and what our relationship is to our society, our world, and to the universe in which we live;
  • Developing a greater sense of the responsibilities of citizenship;
  • Developing a greater sense of ethical conduct in relation to others and in relation to the society in which we live;
  • Developing a genuine respect for literature, history, philosophy, languages, art, science, and math.

I’d appreciate feedback on this statement and on the proposal – in pdf form linked to this page.  We need to transform UTM into an institution of higher education which really meets the needs of our communities.  All of us need to work together to make this happen.