The University of Tennessee at Martin

Department of Mathematics and Statistics


Elementary Statistics and Probability

Mathematics 210

Section 001 / 002 / 006

Fall 2002

Credit Hours : 3


Instructor : Dr. D.A. McCullough

Office : 424G Andy Holt Humanities Building

Phone : 587 7362 ( my office )

587 7360 ( departmental office to leave a message )

E - mail :

Office Hours : Monday 7 8 , 10 noon; Tuesday 7 8 , 2 3 ;

Wednesday 7 8 , 10 11 ; Thursday 7 8 ;

Friday 10 11 ; and also by appointment.


Textbook : Elementary Statistics , 8th Edition , by Robert Johnson and Patricia Kuby


Calculators : You will need a calculator for this course that calculates summary statistics and regression functions. (TI 83 - Plus Highly Recommended) YOU MAY NOT SHARE CALCULATORS DURING ANY EXAMINATIONS.


Course Purpose, Goals and Objectives :

These can be seen on the course syllabus on the departmental web page or viewed in my office.


Homework : There will be homework problems for each section that is covered. They will not be graded . The homework will prepare you for the exams.


There will be homework worksheets given weekly. These worksheets will determine your homework grade. You will have a week to complete each worksheet to receive credit. Homework sheets will be due at the beginning of class and WILL NOT be accepted late. There will be approximately 15 homework worksheets during the semester. Each worksheet will be worth approximately10 points toward your homework grade. A total of 120 points will be considered a perfect homework grade. Anything above 120 will be bonus points and will count toward your final grade.

Procedures for Homework Sheets :

1. ) Do not write on the back sides of paper.

2. ) No spiral notebook paper.

3. ) Assignments are to be stapled with homework problems

in order.

4. ) Put your name on top of each page.


Minitab : There will be Minitab assignments that will need to be completed in the computer laboratories. They will be worth a total of 30 points.

Exams : There will be three in class exams and a final examination. Examination One will cover Chapters 1 3, Examination Two will cover Chapters 4 7, Examination Three will cover Chapters 8 10, and the Final Examination will be Comprehensive. The Final Examination is a MASS Exam and occurs on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 from 5:15 p.m. 7:15 p.m. Each in class examination is worth 100 points and the Final Examination is worth 200 points.


MAKE - UP EXAMINATIONS ARE NOT GIVEN. If an examination is missed for a fully documented reason the final examination grade percentage will be substituted for the missed examination if you have notified the instructor before the examination. To substitute the final exam percentage for a missed examination provide the instructor documentation for the missed examination and sign a form that states that the substitution will occur.


Grading : There will be a total of 650 points possible in this course. Letter grades will be assigned as follows :


A 85 % ( 552 . 5 points )

B 75 % ( 487 . 5 points )

C 60 % ( 390 points )

D 50 % ( 325 points )

F Less than 50 %


The instructor reserves the right to lower these cutoffs but never to raise them.



Attendance : Attendance is expected. If you have a conflict and cannot make it to class, you should notify the instructor.


Basic Needs : You should bring your book, your calculator, your pencil/pen, your homework solutions, and your paper to class everyday.


Academic Dishonesty :

Academic dishonesty is behavior in which a deliberately fraudulent misrepresentation is employed in an attempt to gain undeserved intellectual credit either for one's self or another. Academic dishonesty is not condoned or tolerated at The University of Tennessee at Martin. Both parties will be severely penalized as allowed by the university.


Important Date to Remember :

Last Day to Drop with an automatic "W" Friday, October 18th


Academic Disability :

Any student eligible for and requesting academic accommodation due to a disability is requested to provide a letter of accommodation from P.A.C.E. or Student Academic Support Center within the first two weeks of the semester.