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  • Flute Choir- Fall 2004

    Woodwind Chamber Recital
    Flute Choir: Elaine Harriss, Director
    Clarinet and Sax Ensembles: Amy Simmons, Director
    November 30, 2004

    8:00 p.m.

    Harriet Fulton Theater

    Jouons en trio
    Jean-Paul Nicollet/ Bernard Guyennon
         A la volette
         J’ai descendu dans mon jardin
         Nobody know’s
         Le retour du marin
         Les deux guitars
         Sur le pont de Nantes
    Meghan Hannah, Patrick Ford, and
    Amy Simmons, Alto Saxophones

    Journey Home
    Danza Mexicana #2
    Melvin Lauf
    Jacob Datshkovsky, arr. Arthur Ephross
    Flute Choir
    Rachel Brann (Piccolo), Alicia Booher, Allison Bukeavich,
    Andrea Fakes, Linda Farmer, Nicole Gary (Alto Flute),
    Meghan Green, Jenna Kinsey, Virginia Kruckeberg,
    Matthew Lee (Bass Flute), Amber McKenzie, Elizabeth Smith

    Grand Quartet

    James Waterson
         IV. Finale
    Joanna Robbins, Latasha Thomas, and
    Erin Dismuke, Bb Clarinets; Kara Dubree, Bass Clarinet

    Carnival de Venice  
    W. A. Crosse

    Kanako Ueda, Jeannie Pritchett, and
    Tamia Whitesides, Bb Clarinets
    Amber Summers, Bass Clarinet

    Danse des Mirlitons from Nutcracker Suite
    Peter Ilyich Tschaikovsky, arr. Davis
    Jeremy Haber, Erin Dismuke, and
    Calyn Evans, Bb Clarinets

    Suite, Op. 69
    Christopher Steel
         1. Allegro
         2. Lento
         3. Allegro vivace
         4. Molto moderato
         5. Allegro vivace
    Flute Choir

    Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
    W.A. Mozart, arr. Frank Sacci
         I. Allegro
    Clarinet Choir
    Calyn Evans, Erin Dismuke, Kara Dubree (Bass Clarinet),
    Jeremy Haber, Jeannie Pritchett, Joanna Robbins (Eb Clarinet), Amber Summers (Eb Contrabass Clarinet), Latasha Thomas, Kanako Ueda, Tamia Whitesides