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    Want to be a piano major at UTM? Wonderful
          We offer music degrees in piano performance, piano pedagogy, music education, and arts.
    Want to minor in music with piano as your main instrument? Come right on!
          See the current catalogue for requirements. (PDF file)
    Want to be a non-music major but continue to play piano? Good for you!
          Your expertise and participation will be welcomed and appreciated.

    Opportunities for pianists at UTM:
          Private Lessons
          Piano Ensemble: duets with 4 hands at one piano, duos with 4 hands at 2 pianos,
    quartets with 8 hands at two or four pianos, etc. (This is a FUN class!)
          Accompanying: for individual voice or instrumental students or the larger choral ensembles
          Jazz Band: good pianists needed here

    Scholarships are available for music majors as well as non-majors who want to accompany.
          See Dr. Elaine Harriss, Professor of Piano

    What does it take to be a music major? Do you:
          Love to sing or play your instrument
          Enjoy making music in a group
          Find pleasure in practice (you'll do a lot of this)
          Have a good sense of pitch and good rhythmic skills
          Have a burning desire to develop as a musician

    What is the best preparation for majoring in piano in college?
          Performing experience (solo, ensemble, accompanying, etc.), private lessons,
             listening to good music, and practice, practice, practice!

    What should I have prepared for an audition to be a piano major at UTM?
    Here is the ideal:

          all major and harmonic minor scales, chords, and arpeggios
          two or more contrasting solos from the standard piano repertoire
          be prepared to sight-read

    For information or one-on-one counseling about piano at UTM, contact
    Dr. Elaine Harriss
    211 Fine Arts Building
    University of Tennessee at Martin
    Martin, TN 38238