The UTM Wildlife Biology Electronic Mailing List

What is an Electronic Mailing List? 

An E-mail list is a mechanism for a group of people with a common interest to communicate electronically.  Participants who "subscribe" to the list can send single e-mail messages that are received by all other list subscribers, and likewise receive all e-mail messages posted to the list by other subscribers.  You can find specific information on UT Martin e-mail lists at the following web address:  

What, and Who, is the UTM Wildlife Biology List for? 

This list was created by Dr. Pelren, UTM Assistant Professor of Wildlife Biology, to facilitate communication among Wildlife Biology majors regarding such information as pre-registration advising, deadlines for departmental scholarship applications, dates for senior testing, Wildlife Society meeting and conference dates, volunteer opportunities, wildlife-related course additions or changes, etc.  All wildlife students are welcome to subscribe to the list.  

How do I subscribe, unsubscribe, or post messages to the list? 

To subscribe, simply send the following message to listproc@utm.edusub Wildlife John Doe (where John Doe is your first and last name; do not include periods, bold fonts, quotes, or any other verbiage).  The listproc machine will return your e-mail message, confirming your subscription.  Be sure that any signature functions on your e-mail program are inactivated (if you're using pine, this will not be a problem).

To unsubscribe, send the following message to  unsubscribe WILDLIFE.  Follow the same guidelines as in the subscription process in the above paragraph.

To post messages to the list, send your desired message to  It will automatically be forwarded to everyone subscribed to the list.

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