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Credit Hours:   6 semester hours                                                               

                        2 hours lecture

                       8 hours laboratory: 4 hours practical and 4 hours clinical

                     Time: 8-12 A.M. Monday, Wednesday, Friday         Place: 133 Gooch Hall


Placement:     Second semester of Level I courses

C0-Requisites: Zoology 252

Faculty:  Esther Christian, RN, MSN (Coordinator)

             Gooch 141 C; Office: 731-587-7146;  Home: 731-587-0638


 Martin, TN38238



              Mary Scarbrough, RN, MSN (Learning Lab Instructor)

             Gooch 143; Office: 731-587-7139; Home: 731-235-9686


 Martin, TN 38238



Course Description:

Foundations in Nursing II, (N231), builds on the basic concepts, principles, and skills of nursing practice initiated in Foundations in Nursing I, N211.  Emphasis is on using the nursing process and the Neuman Systems Model to provide care for individuals with well-defined health care needs.  The student will utilize primary and secondary preventions as interventions to assist the client in dealing with interpersonal stressors that affect the client’s lines of defense and resistance and resistance through physiological needs of oxygenation, fluids and electrolytes, acid-base balance, nutrition, urinary elimination, bowel elimination, comfort and sleep.  Basic theory of medication administration will be introduced as an intervention to strengthen lines of defense and resistance.  Further use of the nursing process will emphasize interventions for individuals requiring preoperative care to retain, attain, or maintain stability.



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