French and Francophone Songs Performed by

Karen Sorenson & TennesseeBob Peckham

Paul Verlaine said "De la musique avant toute chose." Indeed, music can fetch the text from a page, putting it in the hearts and on the lips of your students. In our workshops, we sing and speak French, often exploring the dynamics and the vocabulary of French and Francophone music, and considing a bit of pedagogy. You will get a chansonnier, containing the lyrics of over 25 songs. We have also made available a Christmas carols supplement. Aside from connecting you with online lyrics, this web site will give you the tunes of our songs (via MIDI and MP3), just in case you forget them. The members of "Au Coeur du Vent" are competant musicians with, collectively, a number of concert, coffee house, recording, radio and television appearances and immersion song-leading experience.

Read about our summer 2015 performance at the AATF conference.

The Tunes of Our Songs (MIDI, MP3, etc.)

"A la claire fontaine"


"Au bord du lac bijou" (Zachary Richard)

"Au clair de la lune"

"Auprès de ma blonde"

"Bateau sur l'eau" Rondeau

"Un Canadien errant"  midi;ttCANADERR.html

"Célébrons la naissance" (15th c. French/Latin)

"Chevaliers de la table ronde"

"Les cloches (Vendôme) Rondeau"

"Colchiques dans les prés"

"Dans la forêt lointaine"



"Etoile des neiges"

"Feuilles mortes"

"Gentil Coq'licot"

"Gens du pays" (Gilles Vigneault) - Youtube

"Je t'appartiens" (Pierre Delanoë/ Gilbert Bécaud). mélodie de "Let it be me"

"La Marseillaise" (l'hymne national de la France)

"Maudi sois-tu, carillonneur"

Mon Jo (chanté par Paul Piché)

"O Canada!" (l'hymne national du Canada)

MARJOLAINE (Covered by JADEN RHODES), written by Zachary Richerd - Youtube

"Plaisir d'amour"

"Le premier bonheur du jour"

Quatre vents, quatre océans

"Vent frais, vent du matin"

"Verte Campagne"

"La vie continue" (tune of "Obladi-oblada")

4 vents, 4 océans midi

Quand trois pules vont aux champs

Maudit sois-tu carillonneur

Sur le chemin de la vie

Balade des dames du temps jadis

Lyrics and Melody Sites

Le bon vieux temps - le site des chansons à répondre

Cantiques de Noël (lyrics & midi files)

Chansons françaises et francophones en cours de FLE /French through Songs and Singing

Clic Paroles

Comptines, chansons, et poésie

150.000 paroles de chansons - paroles chansons MP3


Paroles et clip de chanson française

Le Parolier

Le Parolier-net

Pedagogical Considerations

Apprendre le français avec des chansons - Le Point du FLE

La Clef des chants - La Chanson dans la classe de français (Brian Thompson)

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The Use of Music for Learning Languages: A Review of the Literature

A Blueprint for Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures through Music in the Classroom and on the Web (Daniel J. Kramer)

Thurston-Griswold, Henry and Manel Lacorte. "Music in the Foreign Language Classroom: Developing Linguistic and Cultural Proficiency." Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Review 49 (Fall 2001) 40, 49-53.

Purcell, James M. "Using songs to enrich the secondary class." Hispania,75, no 1 (1992), 192-196.

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