The following links (listed by state) show a number of state college system and specific state university budget (some private institutions) reductions predicted for 2015, 2016, and sometimes beyond. There are some instances where campuses or colleges will shut down. All of the predictions are in flux and will undoubtedly change. I thought it important to give this report now because college language programs are in danger, and advocacy groups need information about what may point to impending danger. I have found an interesting, though not exhaustive national summary, dated March 5, 2015:

State-by-State Fact Sheets: Higher Education Cuts Jeopardize Students’ and States’ Economic Future (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)

To Balance Budgets, Governors Seek Higher Education Cuts (Pew Charitable Trusts, 3/27/15)

Colleges Subjected to Extra Financial Scrutiny by the Dep. of Education (Chrinicle of HE)

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UA prepares for hundreds of job cuts as state copes with budget decline

Gov. Doug Ducey's proposed $75 million cut to the state university system (AZ)

Arizona budget deal cuts deeper into universities

Killing All State Support (AZ)

Legislature OKs $9.1 billion budget after overnight marathon ($99 million cut from universities)

Gov. Malloy proposes $40 million UConn budget cut

Gov. Malloy proposes $40 million UConn budget cut

Gov. Bruce Rauner's proposed 31.5 percent budget cut for Illinois public universities

Illinois Governor Seeks Nearly $387M in Higher Ed Cuts (2/18/15 Inside HigherEd)

Elmhurst College may cut $7.7 million from its budget (staff cuts, voluntary retirement, etc)

University chiefs say cost of budget cuts could be dramatic

U. of I., other universities brace for Rauner funding cuts

Brownback to cut education by $44.5 million amid budget shortfall (KS)

KU taking piecemeal approach to $4.8 million budget cuts for current fiscal year

President and Chancellor Budget Message (LSU)

The proposed budget includes $567 million in State General Fund reductions to higher education, equating to a historic 78% cut to Louisiana’s public colleges and universities.

Deep Cuts in Louisiana Could Force Campus Closures (1/16/15 Inside HighEd)

Louisiana higher education commissioner talks state budget cuts: Three takeaways

French program loses funds in Jindal's budget proposal

LSU drafting 'academic bankruptcy' plan in response to state budget crisis  

Local colleges deal with budget cuts (MA)

UMD Responses to State-Mandated Budget Cut

The State of Maryland now anticipates a deficit of about $750M that is projected to rise to $1B, if no spending adjustments are made.

University of Maine System campuses grapple with $36 million budget shortfall


Education Funding Center of State Budget Fight

Montana State University Billings announced a $4.4 million budget shortfall in late 2014

Freight Train Coming: 2015 Revenue Shortfall and NC Higher Education

turning political: "Ayn Rand Comes to U.N.C."

FY2015 Budget Reduction Process ($4.65 million deficit, University of Nebraska)

Provost to Slash Budgets Across University (Cornell Daily Sun, 3/1/15)


Oklahoma higher education officials warn of devastating cuts

Proposed temporary closure of South Carolina State Univ.

SC State cutting ties with president but adopts his budget cuts

DWU bids most foreign languages adieu

UT Board of Trustees Endorses Plan to Save Costs, Increase Revenue to Alleviate Unsustainable Business Model (TN)

Faculty suggest closing down five out of FAU’s seven campuses to help budget cuts (FL)

Tennessee Temple University will close IN MAY 2015 (merge with Piedmont International University)

State Cuts Funding For The Fiscal Year 2015 (VA)

Sweet Briar College To Shut Down Despite $94 Million Endowment. Who's Next?

Knapp addresses campus-wide budget cuts in memo to community (George Washington Univ. VA)

What would 15% cut mean for state’s colleges? (WA)

Higher education institutions address budget cuts of 2015 legislative session

Gov. Scott Walker has proposed to cut the University of Wisconsin budget by $300 million

WV - The Governor’s FY 2015 Budget: Doing Less with Less

This year and next year higher education funding is expected to decline by $51.8 million and continue to drop over the coming years.

W.Va. colleges make cuts to deal with less taxpayer funding

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