Fall 2012

In order to encourage students to enrich their academic programs and to take advantage of the cultural events offered on campus and in our region, the Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages has adopted the following policy:

Students enrolled in any 100 or 200-level foreign language course offered by the Department will be awarded extra credit for attending three (3) university cultural events during the semester.

--Students are required to attend one of the films of the English and MFL Film series (if this materializes)
    and are encouraged to attend at least one lecture or presentation held on campus.

--Students may also attend the concerts, plays, or exhibits scheduled by the Departments
of Music and Art, Dance, Theatre, lectures in the Academic Speakers Series, or similar events offered on campus.  If they have any question about the appropriateness of an event, students should consult the links below or their course instructor.

--To receive credit for attending a cultural event, students must write a ¾ to a full-page
    commentary/critique (200-250 words) and submit it to their instructor

--Students must attend and write up at least TWO events by Friday, October 26, 2012. The final event must be viewed and
    critiqued by Friday, November 30, 2012.

--Students should keep all commentaries/critiques returned by the instructor in a folder.
      The instructor may wish to collect the complete folder at the end of the semester.

--Upon receipt of three THOUGHTFUL, WELL WRITTEN, commentaries/critiques, the
     instructor will add three points to the student’s course grade. No vague or hastily
         prepared commentaries/critiques will be accepted.

--If students do not turn in 3 commentaries/critiques, they will receive fewer bonus
    points, according to the following scale:  two points for two acceptable reports,
    one point for a single report.

--If they do not attend any cultural event (and submit a report),
    ONE POINT will be SUBTRACTED from their course grade.  

Here are some resources for finding relevant events:

    UTM Events Calendar

    Department of Visual & Teatre Arts Events

    Music Calendar of Events

11481    Center for International Education Events Calendar