French Advanced Conversation - UTM, Fall 2010

French 341-01, Fall 2010, MWF, 12-12:50pm (H417). An acceptable performance in French 222, or its equivalent, or instructor's permission.  Prof. TennesseeBob Peckham (427E Humanities -Tel. 7424. e-mail:

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MEDIA: TennesseeBob Peckham, J'avance à petits pas: cours de conversation. Martin TN: Globe-Gate Research, 2010 [online resource], + Coffman Crocker, Mary E. Schaum's Outline of French Grammar [ISBN 0-07-013887-7], 4th edition. Schaum's Outline Series New York: McGraw-Hill, 1999 [=Schaum].


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*NOTE: Any student eligible for and requesting academic accommodations due to a disability is requested to provide a letter of accommodation from the Student Success Center (210 Clement Hall) within the first two weeks of the semester. For additional information contact Sharon Robertson at 731.881.7719,, or Stephanie Mueller at 731.881.7605,

Goals & Objectives: This course is designed to bring a developmentally high focus on speaking. In order to do so, we will need to focus as much or more time on listening skills. All chapters of our web textbook, J'avance à petits pas..., begin with practice in listening and difficulties in pronunciation, and then treat a theme with topic-relevant vocabulary, listening and speaking activities. We have tried to pick units from our grammar textbook, Schaum's Outline of French Grammar, which would be useful in advancing the conversation and listening targeted for each particular theme in each particular chapter. In addition, we will watch and discuss one French-language film (TBA). Our class will target the range of from "Intermediate High" to "Advanced Low" on the ACTFL developmental scale for the Oral Proficiency Interview.  

Strategies: The Language of the classroom will be French. Doing the activities in both books well as well as warm-up and wind-down aural-oral work, and an occasional grammar explanation are what we will do to satisfy goals and objectives. We also hope to join forces with another class to make a short French-language video (TBA).

Grade Scale and Determination: 60-69=D, 70-79=C, 80-89=B, 90-100=A We have a 1000 point system. I will count the best 3 of four witten chapter tests, corresponding to ch. 2-5, these will consist of applied grammar and vocabulary (3 X 100 = 300). There will be listening and oral assessments of all 5 chapters, of which I will count the best 3 (3 X 100 = 300).  You will have a grade on the film (100 TBA), on a special project (which could be the video mentioned), a final interview assessment (100), class participation (100).

General & Ethical Expectations: We expect students to demonstrate a solid work ethic, and to conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen, with special attention given to the "Standards of Conduct" and "Academic Integrity" sections of

      The University of Tennessee at Martin Student Handbook

as a base-line minimum for their behavior.

Extra Credit Policy: See our cultural events policy web page:

Home preparation and class participation: Since there is no real assurance that we can replay the web-based videos and other material associated with our web textbook, you must be prepared for short warm-up questions on the lesson, answer all textbook questions asked and be prepared to repeat those or explain in French what your problem was.

You will type all written assignments. If you have trouble with accents, please refer to my web page:

      Making Accents with MACs and PCs

Typing all your work gives you a record of what you did, and since very little is written by hand, it gives you practice doing what you will do all your life, also a proof that you can really write in French.

Attendance: DON'T MISS! You can't miss tis class and expext to advnce in conversation.

HELP! Be honest with yourself and with me. If you have difficulty in this course, use your resource materials, and contact me ASAP. I want you to succeed.

TV 5: You are encouraged (with a small amount of extra credit) to watch one half hour of TV5 programming (click "Etats-Unis->Chicago->la grille de...") on this international French station each week, and you will receive extra credit for passing in a summary (150 words, in French) of program content. You may also wish to listen directly to an RFI broadcast.

FRENCH CLUB: All interested students are encouraged to join the CERCLE FRANCOPHONE and to enrich their understanding of the French language and francophone culture by participating in its activities.

TennesseeBob Peckham
Director, the Globe-Gate Project
University of Tennessee-Martin