Questionnaire for "French Cultural Iconography @ Globe-Gate"

What are symbols and icons?
Does it make a difference if something is an national icon from the point of view of citizens or outsiders?
Why, and in what way?

Which French icons were already familiar to you?
Try to rank these in order of familiarity.
Which were not?
Give a personal opinion in French for the icon status of one of these.
Categorize the icons in a system of your own (ex. buildings, people, etc.)
Categorize as many as possible in chronological order.
Be able to identify a pictorial representation of each icon where this is possible
Locate all which have a specific geographical location
In Reading the sites on the icons with which you are familiar, did you discover anything you did not know about them?
Propose that something be added to the French Iconography list. Give at least four reasons for adding it, using your common sense and some of the definitions you see.

If you were to create a similar page of American icons, what would you choose?
Write a few sentences justifying each symbol or icon.
Rank them according to importance to you.
Try explaining your ten top choices in French to a French speaker.
Try naming some cultural items which you think might be perceived as US cultural icons by outsiders?
Are some of them negative?