French speakers have left their footprints in your state, or perhaps their businesses. Consult these links, by state, to see how they have influenced your culture and economics.


Les Francais d’Alaska brisent la glace (France-Amérique)

International companies in Alaska

18th century French map has unique interpretation of Alaska

Tanana, Alaska

Cities with the Highest Percentage of French in Alaska


300 Years of French Culture in Alabama

Alabama and France

Meet the Colonists - University of South Alabama

Choose Alabama - International Business and Trade

Category:French-American culture in Alabama (Wikipedia)


History of Alabama : french colonization

ch. 8: The French in Alabama and Mississippi

Did you know the first Mardi Gras was in Alabama?

"Le Moyne Brothers" Encyclopedia of Alabama

History of Mobile, Alabama

Demopolis, Alabama

The French Discover Alabama (Alabama Gazette)

Vine and Olive Colony



The French Connection: Arkansas and the Louisiana Purchase

Arkansas Post (Wikipedia)

French Explorers and Settlers – Encyclopedia of Arkansas

French Colonial Day at White Oak Lake State Park (Arkansas State Parks)

Marquette-Joliet Expedition - Encyclopedia of Arkansas


Five maps illustrate foreign investment in Arkansas



Foreign Direct Investment in the Phoenix MSA

Foreign FDI in Arizona

International companies in Arizona

Tucson Vous Accueille (Facebook)


California and France

French-owned campanies – Orange County Business Journal

French influence in California/Pacific Northwest’s wine business

Why is San Francisco called “the Paris of the Pacific”?

San Francisco's Foreign Colonies:No. 5 — The French (San Francisco History)

Quartier français (San Francisco) - Wikipedia

Paris of the Pacific: Celebrating San Francisco’s Founding French Community

The French migrants from Béarn in San Francisco

French Culture SF & beyond (Facebook)

Category:French-American culture in California (Wikipedia)

Michel Le Bris, "Quand la Californie était française"

Foreign Direct Investment in California, 2020

Foreign investment drives California manufacturing jobs, according to 5th annual FDI Report from WTCLA

Ecole Californie: Extrait du cours de la langue française de la classe C6 (YouTube)

In Coastal Pockets, the French Are California Livin’(Los Angeles Times)

French Culture Los Angeles (Facebook)

Frenchtown: The Forgotten History of Los Angeles’ French Community (France Amérique)

Basque Americans in California (Wikipedia)


International companies in Colorado

How Colorado's Economy Benefits from International Trade & Investment

Foreign Direct Investment – Colorado

International companies in Colorado

Cities with the Highest Percentage of French in Colorado

Laporte, Colorado (Wikipedia)

France's La Provence Highlights Grand Valley Attractions

The Colorado Basque Club

Sister Cities: Brest, France and Denver, Colorado

Meeting One Loves Colorado and France

Canada Colorado Association

Saluting All Things French – in Colorado! – The scene3: Art, Science, Culture


France Replaces Canada As #1 Nation for Connecticut Exports in 2013

Over There: A Connecticut Soldier in France (teach it)

Ct's Sgt. Stubby Goes To War In France (My Heritage)

From Quebec to Connecticut (March 30, 2018)

French-Canadian Genaological Society of Connecticut

French Canadians Colonize Connecticut (Connecticut Explored)


French-Canadians in Thompsonville (Connecticut Historical Society)

French Canadians Celebrate Their Heritage (2014)

Daniel Boucher & Friends: Traditional French-Canadian Fiddle Music from Connecticut


French Companies in the Greater Washington, DC Region


Cities with the Highest Percentage of French in Delaware

International companies in Delaware

Delaware Consulting opens office in Lyon

Haitians in Delaware (Facebook)

Growing Haitian Community Calls Salisbury Home


Florida and France

French Florida (Wikipedia)

French Heritage Trail

French History in Florida

Enterprise Florida - France (Italy, Belgium, Netherlands)

The French Economic Footprint in Florida

This Florida trailer park is taken over by French-Canadian retirees every winter | Snowbirds (youTube)

They only speak French at this Florida elementary school (YouTube)

French Weeks Miami (French-American Chamber of Commerce)

French Language groups in Miami

Jean Ribault (Wikipedia)

Fort Caroline [Florida] – Wikipedia

Jerry Wilkinson, "Influence of France on Florida"


GEORGIA – FRANCE Economic Development Connection

Best french companies in Atlanta, GA

French Investment Sustains Nearly 18,000 Georgia Jobs

Category:French-American culture in Georgia (U.S. state) – Wikipedia



International companies in Hawaii


Cities with the Highest Percentage of French in Idaho

International companies in Idaho


Illinois as a French Colony

Illinois and France

French Explorers and Colonists in the Illinois Country

French in Illinois (Illinois Natural Resources – Historic Preservation Division)


Illinois Country (Wikipedia)

Illinois Country French (Facebook)

Voyageur Heritage - Community Journal & Resource Guide

Illinois as a French Colony (Northern Illinois University)

French-Canadian Heritage Corridor

French Canadians in the Kankakee Valley (Northern Illinois University)

French Canadian Interview Project (Kankakee Community College)

Bourbonnais, Illinois (Wikipedia)

Land Between the Waters: The French History of Illinois (Eastern Illinois State Univ.)

Category:French-American culture in Illinois (Wikipedia)

Our France: Colonial history with an Illinois accent (Chicago Tribune)

Chicago where French is spoken since 1673

French Colonial IL (Mythis Mississippi Project Lesson Plan)

Illinois Country [French] – Wikipedia

France Chicago Center


Canadians settled region by thousands in 1800s

Margaret Kimball Brown, "Colonists and Colonizing in the Illinois Country"

French Peoria in the Illinois Country, 1673-1846 (Local Legacies)

Illinois - France Trade & Investment Statistics: Illinois Department of Commerce

FrancoGene: Genealogy of Illinois

1732 Census of Illinois, by Robert De Berardinis

French and French Canadians (Encyclopedia of Chicago)

The French in Illinois: The Last Frontier (YouTube)

Robert Mazrim presents: Archaeology in the French Colonial Illinois Country (YouTube)

Illinois Adventure #1602 "Fort de Chartres" (YouTube)

Illinois Adventure #1203 "French influence in Nauvoo after the Mormons left" (YouTube)

Illinois Adventure #1608 "Pierre Menard Home State Historic Site" (YouTube)

French Settlement on the Illinois River

Creole House Prairie du Rocher (Illinois)

Prairie du Rocher and the French Colonial Historic District (Facebook)

Cahokia, Illinois (Wikipedia)

Nicholas Jarrot Mansion (Wikipedia)

Nicholas Jarrot Mansion Project [Facebook]

FORT DE CHARTRES POLONOIS SHOOT 2013 (music by Dennis Stroughmatt)


Archaeology & the FrenchCulture in Indiana

The French in Indiana ~ Le Français en Indiana -

Documents relating to the French settlements on the Wabash

Loup-Garou Legends of Old Vincennes

Foreign Direct Investment in Indiana



Foreign Direct Investment in Indiana (Kelley School of Business at Indiana University)

foriegn direct investment in Northeast Indiana


Foreign Direct Investment – Iowa

Julien Dubuque (Wikipedia)


French Settlers in Kansas – Kansapedia (Kansas Historical Society)

French to Kansas Bibliography (Kansas Historical Society)

Dennis Partridge, The French Occupation of Kansas (KS Genealogy)

The French Presence in Kansas: 1673-1854 (Simone Amardeil Johnson)

Fort de Cavagnial: Imperial France in Kansas, 1744-1764

Fort de Cavagnial (Wikipedia)

Around Kansas - Impact of the French in Kansas - July 12, 2017 (YouTube)

Damar Community Historical Foundation

City of Clyde


Kentucky Facilities with Foreign Ownership

History of the French in Louisville (Wikipedia)

Louisville's French Connection

South-Central Kentucky - International Companies


French Economic Footprint in Louisiana

Francophone Louisiana (

Louisiana Joins La Francophonie (France-Amérique

French Louisiana (Wikipedia)

Louisiana French – Wikipedia

Louisiana Creole – Wikipedia

The Rebirth of Cajun French in Louisiana in Classrooms and Online

CODOFIL - Council for the Development of French in Louisiana

Louisiana French Cultural and Linguistic Resiliance in the Twenty-First Century

Louisiana's Francophone Communities

La francophonie en Louisiane

Louisiana Cajun (YouTube)

We speak French in French Louisiana 8 (YouTube)

Sweet Crude - La Rêveuse (Official Video // clip officiel) -Louisiana (YouTube)

Louisiana Cajun (Mr. Elgin Thibodeaux) - YouTube

Why do we speak French in Louisiana?

French around the world: Keeping the language alive in Louisiana

My grandfather speaking French (Cana River LA)


Category:French-American culture in Massachusetts (Wikipedia)

History of  the French in Holyoke (Wikipedia)

The French-Massachusetts Connection (Consulate General of France in Boston)

Cities with the Highest Percentage of French in Massachusetts

Massachusetts (Zachery Richard) - YouTube

French-Canadian Immigrants in Holyoke

Jacques and Yvette speaking Chiac (Massachusetts) - YouTube

Along the Blackstone, Episode 5 - The French-Canadians in the Blackstone Valley (MA, YouTube)

Massachusetts Lafayette Society

Boston Petanque Club

French Heritage Society of Boston


Maryland and France

Category:French-American culture in Maryland (Wikipedia)

Category:French-American culture in Baltimore (Wikipedia)

History of the French in Baltimore


Acadian Culture in Maine

From French Canadians to Franco-Americans [Maine]

Aroostook County, Maine (Wikipedia)

Category:French-Canadian culture in Maine (Wikipedia)

Contemporary Attitudes of Maine’s Franco Americans. Franco  American Centre Franco-Américain

In Maine, French Culture Experiences a Revival

In Maine, A Common Language Connects French Canadians, African Immigrants

Maine's Franco-Americans: a short history (Bowdoin Orient)

New England French

Le village Acadien du Maine (YouTube)

Le patrimoine francophone de Lewiston, Maine (YouTube)

How Portland, Maine Welcomed African Asylum Seekers With Open Arms | NowThis


Category:French-American culture in Michigan (Wikipedia)

Muskrat French [Michigan] – Wikipedia

‘Muskrat French: French-Canadian River Culture in the Windsor/Detroit Region

LeVoyageur, "'Muskrat French': Origins of a Culture, a Language, and a People."

French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan

The French Canadian Presence in Michigan: Two Waves of Immigration

The French Canadians [Lake Superior and the Copper Country]

French Colonial Michigan

When France Claimed Michigan

French in Michigan

The Family Kalamazoo

Exploring Michigan’s French Roots (French-American Cultural Foundation)

History of Michigan: French period

"'Muskrat French': Origins of a Culture, a Language, and a People." Michigan Historical Review

Detroit's French Heritage Lost in Translation - Detroit Essentials

Descendants track their French connections back to Detroit's birth


French language in Minnesota (Wikipedia)

Minnesota With a French Accent


Category:French-American culture in Minnesota (Wilipedia)

Resettlement of French-Canadian Emigrants from Northern Minnesota to Washington'sYakima Valley

Quand on parlait français au Minnesota (YouTube)

French Minnesota Documentary - Lakeland News at Ten - August 24, 2012

French-American Heritage Foundation of Minnesota

Gentilly – A French-Canadian Community in the Minnesota Reed River Valley

Minnesota Fun Facts - Early Explorers and Settlers

The Métis and the History of Minnesota - French Legacies in Minnesota November 10-11, 2000

Métis in Minnesota – MNOPEDIA


International Companies in Missouri

Missouri Connections: France

Missouri French (Wikipedia)

St. Louis’ French Heritage

French in St. Louis (St. Louis Historical Society)

St- Louis au Missouri: un mélange de culture française et américaine

Ste. Genevieve, Missouri – Wikipedia

Old Mines, Missouri – Wikipedia

Old Mines French project

French Day at St. Joachim in Old Mines (YouTube)

Paw Paw French, Ste. Genevieve, Mo 7/11/15

Ste. Genevieve, Missouri (Wikipediia)

Fiddles, French, and the Quest to Save a Forgotten Dialect

07.22.14. Disappearing Dialect Calls Small Missouri Town Home (Pawpaw French, YouTube)

La Guignolée, a New Year's Celebration (Missouri Life Magazine (11/28/19)

French Traditions in Missouri, Osage-French Fur Trade Topics of Noon Museum Lectures

French Culture in Missouri (Facebook)


A Failed Enterprise: The French Colonial Period in Mississippi

Mississippi History Timeline - 1519–1797 » 1699-1762, French Dominion

French (Mississippi Encyclopedia)

Mississippi Gulf Coast French: Phonology and morphology (Tulane University)

Category:French-American culture in Mississippi (Wikipedia)


Cities with the Highest Percentage of French Canadians in Montana

Frenchtown, Montana (Wikipedia)

French People in Montana (Facebook)

Travis. R. Annette, "Where the Buffalo Roam: Migration of the French Red-River Métis to Lewistown Montana"

Lewistown, Montana (Wikipedia)


Carolina - The French Influence

FraNCe: The French Heritage Of North Carolina

The French Scool History in Raleigh

Cities with the Highest Percentage of French in North Carolina

The Most Commonly Spoken Foreign Languages In The Carolinas

Wake County International Companies

High Point North Carolina International Compnies

Japanese Businesses in North Carolina

An Overview of Foreign Direct Investmant in North Carolina


North Dakota's 'French Connection

Cities with the Highest Percentage of French Canadians in North Dakota

Section 4: The Métis and Red River Carts

Métis French [North Dakota] – Wikipedia

Grand Forks (North Dakota) on the northern Red River


Foreign Direct Investment into Nebraska

French people in Nebraska (Wikipedia)

French in Nemaha County

Category:French-American culture in Nebraska (Wikipedia)


New Hampshire Mill Workers Invented a New Type of French

The Bilingual U.S. – French New Hampshire

Manchester, New Hampshire

New England French (Wikipedia)

New Hampshire's Immigration Story - La Survivance and the Franco Americans (NHPR)

New Hampshire Mill Workers Invented A New Type Of French

THE FRENCH-CANADIAN TEXTILE WORKER - New Hampshire Federal Writers' Project

French-Canadian Heritage | Our Hometown: Colebrook (YouTube)

French Speakers in New Hampshire (You Tube)


The Huguenots Or Early French In New Jersey

The Settlers of East Jersey (New Jersey Business Magazine)

New Jersey’s Relationship with International Markets

Cape May’s French-Canadian connection, by way of Quebec

Wildwood, New Jersey (Wikipedia) [French-Canadian tourists]


The Ghost Town of French New Mexico

The French in New Mexico

French Missionary Clergy Confront the Protestant Menace in New Mexico, 1851-1885 (Journal of the Western Society for French History)

Viva les Francais: The French in New Mexico (Santa Fe New Mexican)


The Basques in Nevada

How a Remote Nevada Town Became a Bastion of Basque Culture


Québec Government Office in New York

Quebec-New York Economic Summit (Wikipedia)

Business France! - Consulate General of France in New York

List of sister cities in New York - Wikipedia (look for France)

Category:French-American culture in New York City (Wikipedia)

French in Syracuse, New York (Wikipedia)

French soldier origins of Clinton Countians

Category:French-American culture in New York (state) – Wikipedia

French Tech – New York

Canadian Companies and the Greater Platsburg Business Community

Foreign Direct Investment - Bringing the World to New York

À New York, le français en vogue au sein d'écoles bilingues (YouTube)

French NYC residents fight for city to have a ‘Little Paris’ downtown (NY Post)

Touring Manhattan’s 19th century French Quarter (Ephemeral New York)

Les quartiers de New York où l’on parle français (

French in theNew York Metro Area (All People Initiative)

Etats Unis le succès des cours de français 6play (NYC, YouTube)

Professor Discusses Research On Upstate New York’s French-Canadian Heritage

Those Other Franco-Americans: Cohoes, N.Y., Part I (Query the Past)

Feel Like A Canadian In New York (Cultural Services French Embassy in the United States)

Why Do French-Canadians Dominate New York's Christmas Tree Market? (In the Margins)



French Language in Ohio

French Ohioans (Ohio History Central)

Canadian Ohioans (Ohio History Central)

French and Indian War (Ohio History Central)

Gallipolis, Ohio (Ohio History Central)

3:1  --The French and Indian War

French Language in Ohio (French-American Chamber of Commerce)

Francophone Information (French-American Chamber of Commerce)

Ohio Foreign Direct Investment (VECTREN)

French Connection [Cincinatti]

Category:French-American culture in Ohio (Wikipedia)


Oklahoma and France

David Chrstopher, "French History in Oklahoma." The Oklahoman (6/28/10)

French influenced Oklahoma towns

FRENCH – Oklahoma Historical Society



How this Wakita, OK farmer earned France’s Legion of Honor medal


Transposed Tales of a French Missionary among Indians in the Oregon Country

Gregory Charles Rathbone, "The French connection in early Oregon"

French Prairie (Wikipedia)

French Prairie (Oregon Encyclopedia)

Joseph Gervais (1777-1861) - Oregon Engyclopedia

A French-Canadian Pioneer of the Oregon Country (French North America)

The French connection in early Oregon (Portland State University)

French Settlement, Oregon (Wikipedia)

Stephenie Flora, "The French Canadians"

FRENCH CANADIANS in the 1842 Oregon census (Oregon Pioneers)


Pennsylvania and France


From Duquesne To Jumonville, Pittsburgh Has Rich History Of French Influence

Fort Duquesne (Wikipedia)

Hailing from Quebec, poutine is taking off in Pittsburgh (Trib Live)

The French in Northwest Pennsylvania, 1753-1759 (Pennsylvania Heritage)

French connections abound in Southwestern Pennsylvania

French Azilum

Christina Virok and Lauren Cooper, "France and the French" (The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia)

Philadelphia's French Connections (Visit Philadelphia)

How did Pennsylvanians try to save royalty during the French Revolution? Visit this spot in Pa.

Pennsylvania's French Connection Villiage on Susquehanna Was Destination for French Elite Fleeing Revolution

Foreign Owned Companies in PA

Ensuring Pennsylvania's Global Competitiveness

Category:French-American culture in Pennsylvania (Wikipedia)

Frenchville French [Pennsylvania] – Wikipedia

Margo Lestz, "The Pennsylvania French"


La Langue, La Foi, et La Patrie: The Arrival of the Franco-Americans

Ethnic Politics in Rhode Island: The Case of the Franco Americans

Category:French-Canadian culture in Rhode Island (Wikipedia)

French-Canadians in Woonsocket

Woonsocket Hasn’t Lost Its French Accent

Cities with the Highest Percentage of French in Rhode Island

The French in Rhode Island

International companies in Rhode Island

Le patrimoine francophone de Woonsocket, Rhode Island (YouTube)

Library of Congress Interviews [about French Canadians in Rohode Island]

Woonsocket – My home town on the web

The American-French Genealogical Society

French Heritage Festival brings Quebec culture to Woonsocket

Le patrimoine francophone de Woonsocket, Rhode Island

La Tribune De Woonsocket (Woonsocket, R.I.) 1896-1899

"La Survivance" - Woonsocket’s historic French-Canadian community (Harvard Magazine)


The South’s Magnet for Foreign Direct Investment

International companies in South Carolina

Category:French-American culture in South Carolina (Wikipedia)

To the Archives! How a group of French refugees shaped Charleston, South Carolina


Jefferson, South Dakota (Wikipedia)

Early Exploration and the Fur Trade (

International companies in South Dakota

South Dakota – International Trade & Investment


[French Companies in Tennessee]

French Companies in Memphis, TN

FedEx and UBIFRANCE sign a partnership to promote the development of French companies abroad

[France, Foreign Direct Investment in Tennessee] -

Tennessee opens recruitment office in Paris to serve France, Spain

Tennessee and France

International usines (Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development)

On a parlé Français au Tennessee dès 1682 (Randolph)

French was spoken in Tennessee as far back as 1682 (Randolph)

French Lick (Tennessee Encyclopedia)

Swiss Settlers, Knoxville

Timothy Demonbreun (Tennessee Encyclopedia)

Timothy Demonbreun (Wikipedia)

Exploring the Demonbreun Cave, Nashville’s first residence

From Boucherville to Nashville, a story link that speaks volumes

A French Fort on the Tennessee and the search for the mysterious Fort Caroline (Saving History)

Fort Prudhomme (Wikipedia)

Fort Prudhomme, 1682 (Tennessee Historical Society)

Fort Prudhomme and LaSalle


Fort Assumption

Fort Assumption (Wikipedia)

Fort Assumption led to Memphis'  location

Eiffel Tower (Paris, Tennessee) - Wikipedia

French was spoken in Tennessee as far back as 1682 (Randolph)

Lost Cajuns Of East Tennessee Social Group (Facebook)

Haitian Community of Tennessee (Facebook)

CAEN, FRANCE - sister city of Nashville


Texas Trade and Foreign Direct Investment 2016

France–Republic of Texas relations (Wikipedia)

French colonization of Texas (Wikipedia)

The French Texans (UTSA Institute of Texas Cultures)

The French Explore Texas

A history of the french in the lone star state

[French Foreign-Direct Investment in Tennessee]

The French Way (TexasMonthly)

Texas State Historical Association Handbook of Texas – French

Bonjour, Austin! Exploring and Celebrating Austin’s French Culture

French in the Heart of Texas (The Daily Texan)


France And Utah, The New Hot Spots For Tech


Virginia Economic Development  Partnership

The emigration of the French Huguenots to Virginia (University of Richmond)


The Bilingual U.S. – French Vermont

French Canadian Immigration to Vermont and New England (1840-1930)

Category:French-American culture in Vermont (Wikipedia)

Bienvenue au Vermont

What's The History Of French Canadian Immigration Into Vermont? (VPR, 2018)

Vermont French-Canadian Genealogical Society

19th Century French-Canadian Immigration to Vermont

History Space: Vermont's French connection

Tracing French Canadians from Vermont back to Quebec in the 19th Century

French in Vermont: some current views

The French Settlement Of Vermont: 1609-1929 (The Flow of History)

French‐Canadian Settlement in Vermont Prior to the Civil War

Investing in French in Vermont and Nrew Hampshire (France-Amérique, 2019)

Lacroix, Patrick. "Those Other Franco-Americans: Barre, Vermont (Query the Past)

Orleans County, Vermont (Wikipedia)

The Bilingual U.S. – French Vermont (Boston Language Institute)

What's The History Of French Canadian Immigration Into Vermont?

Vermont's French Connections - Past, Present and Future (You Tube)


An international roster of blue chip companies (Washvington)

Frenchtown, Washington

Frenchtown: Washington State's Historical Connection to First Nations and Francophone History

Resettlement of French-Canadian Emigrants from Northern Minnesota to Washington'sYakima Valley in the late 19th and Early 20th Centuries.  By: Wallace G. Lewis

Moxee, Washington (Wikipedia)

The Métis [Frenchtown]


Wisconsin and France

French in Wisconsin – Wisconsin Historical Society

Nicolet, Jean 1598-1642 (Wisconsin Historical Society)

Jean Nicolet (Wikipedia)

Category: French-Canadian culture in Wisconsin (Wikipedia)

Fort La Baye (Wikipedia)

French Wisconsin at Fort la Baye (University of Wisconsin)

Fort Saint Antoine (Wikipedia)

Pepin, Wisconsin (Wikipedia)

A History Of The French In Wisconsin (Wisconsin Public Radio)

French in Wisconsin (Facebook)

The French in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Fur Trade - “Ouisconsin” (1640s-1763). Milwaukee Public Museum

Green Bay History (1600-1700s)

La Baye (Green Bay)

Category:French-Canadian culture in Wisconsin

French (Encyclopedia of Wilwaukee)

The French regime in Wisconsin.  Vol. I (v. 16)  Library of Congress)

The French regime in Wisconsin. Vol. II (v. 17) (Library of Congress)

European Exploration in Wisconsin (How the French Began the Fur Trade)


Category:French-American culture in West Virginia (Wikipedia)


French influences in the history of Wyoming from La Salle to Arland

A French Couple in Wyoming’s Cowboy Country

International companies in Wyoming

Jacques La Ramee (Wikipedia)

Daniel A. Nichter, "French in the History of Wyoming From La Salle to Arland"

Fort Laramie and the Fur Trade (Ultimate

The pleasures of France in Wyoming

How the Tetons Got Their Name

Sarah J. McNeal, “First White Explorer of Wyoming”

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