Société François Villon, Bulletin

Volume 34  (Winter 2018/2019)
Robert D. Peckham, Editor

Bibliography: the most recent titles which have not appeared in previous issues of this bulletin, many found through the Andy Holt Virtual Library.

Abbreviations:  BJ = Ballades en Jargon  L = Lais  PV = Poèmes Variés   SFVB = Société François Villon, Bulletin   T = Testament.

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Notes for issue 34

1. -- With slightly over 3300 lines of canonically accepted poetry, and a  historical existence attested by less than a dozen police and university documents, we can honestly say that François Villon is more the man in the eye and heart of his reader than he is a human being of record.

The complexity of the over 550 years of reception history for Villon is that it must account internationally for a wide range of reader reactions, biography drawn from implicit or explicit autobiographical discourse in his work or falsely attributed works, legends, imitation and works inspired by all of these, illustrations, music,etc.

In my bibliographic study, François Villon: A Bibliography (New York: Garland, 1990) I listed 141 works "inspired by Villon" (pp. 429-444). This was at the time a sizable contribution to reception history, even in the wake  of what had already been published by Louis Cons, Jean Dufournet, and Georg Roellenbleck.  However, no matter what the size of the sample, the scope of Villon's reception has always been hard to grasp in print studies.  Straddling countries and continents, it also spans media types, genres, levels of culture, and quite simply escapes the limits of theory and most taxonomies. From the foundation of efforts to collect the text of Villon's work, there was evidence of his reception history. We see the inclusion of Les Repues Franches de François Villon in gothic editions of his work as early as 1490. Incunables also contained another facet of Villon's reception history in woodcut representations of characters and situations named and described in his poetry. In our century, many examples and observations of Villon's reception are made through the world-wide web, as you can see in last year's issue 33 of the Bulletin (1995-2017. Take the last as an example:

    Société François Villon, Bulletin - Volume 33  (Winter 2017)

but reception history is not limited to where the links go. Six of issue 33's seven concerning Villon in comic books and graphic novels refer to articles and books in physicaal paper sources. I will soon have the sources I need to tell the story of a pop-culture graphic Villon, which began with illustrated incunables. My note 2 in issue 31 is "Villon for the Millennial Stage: A Tale of Three Cities", and speaks of musical theater with Villon as a central character, a phenomenon that is still growing. Older issues refer to dozens of plays, films and television episodes with Villon as a central character. One of the reasons for the richness of Villon's reception history, is his habit of making himself a character in his own work, something seen rarely in medieval poets. With his name appearing so frequently in popular culture, it is no wonder he is very often described as the most widely read poet of the French late middle ages. This same rich reception history has also prevented pictures and stories from eclipsing Villon's verse. We often think of Brassens, Pound, and Debussy for the combination of Villon and music. Yet there have been scores of songs by other composers and performers, in multiple genres, composed and recorded from Villon's poems or tranlations of his poems since the first ussue of this bulletin.

This issue is number 34 of an annual series. The first few (pre-web) were handed out at conferences, the next, published as "The Current State of Villon Studies" in volumes of Fifteenth-Century Studies, and, beginning in 1995 with issue11, on the web, as a link to

    Société François Villon

In the first issue, there were 38 entries, most of them scholarly works, with an occasional novel, play or story. In this issue, the witness of 185+ enties shows that interest in Villon continues to both change and grow. 75 of the entries represent paper publications, live performances or presentations, while the rest are presented on web sites. I have ommitted some very interesting potential entries which would require membership to cnsult, such as Instagram collections. You can see in this 34th issue that one of the areas of scholarly focus is translation. This is an appropriate time for such studies, because of the recent growth in both English and Spanish translations, and the fact that Villon's poems have now been translatied, in whole or in part, into at least 40 different languages, yet another sign of Villon's successful reception history.

2. -- When I began in earnest my reading of the 15th-century French poet, François Villon as a PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh, we read from the latest scientific edition of Villon's Oeuvres (1970, eds. Longnon, Foulet, Lanly). The introduction explained how the text was derived from Medieval and early Renaissance sources, with slim descriptions of 10 of them. It was hard for me to understand, yet our outstanding professor showed us a photo of one of the medieval manuscript pages. She had actually done research on some of the manuscripts in a European library. My recently modified online resource,

    "Manuscript and Print Sources of the Text of François Villon's Works"

is probably the most complete you will find anywhere online or in paper, with 24 medieval and Renaissance sources of Villon's text named (with foliation/pagination, descriptions and linked facsimiles for most.

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Villon (Basil Bunting) —resisting the intelligence: reviews. 7/16/16.

Radio, Télévision, Films, Podcasts

1463 - Der Dichter François Villon gilt als verschollen - WDR 2 Stichtag | 17.12.2018.

Ensemble Beatus, "François Villon et l'automne du Moyen-Age" - NEWDEAL2018  Human Music.

Bruno Darquay, François Villon - Corps à Coeur.

Farine, Marine. "La légende noire de François Villon" - La Compagnie des Poètes - France Culture (14/09/2018).

France Culture. François Villon - "Biographie", "Dernières publications sur François Villon".

Francois Villon, frz. Dichter (verschollen im Jahr 1463) - WDR 2 Stichtag | 17.12.2018 | 04:12 Min [broadcast].

PODCAST - DU TRAFIC DANS LE TIROIR. Les Mensuelles du dimanche. François Villon volait pour manger (11/11/18).

Le Testament de François Villon - France TV Education [Mis à jour le 30-10-2017].

WDR search for broadcasts [in German] about "Villon".

YouTube songs, poetry reading, criticism (by date)

François VILLON – Une Vie, une Œuvre : le laboratoire poétique (France Culture, 2004) - YouTube, Apr 9, 2016.

La Ballade de Mercy - Corvus Corax - Lyrics on screen (LFR Présente!), YouTube, Jan 4, 2018.

G[eorges] B[rassens] dit Les regrets de François Villon YouTube, (Jan 6, 2018).

Asgard - Ce soir François Villon YouTube, (Jan 11, 2018).

Fragments du testament, Philippe Val YouTube, (Jan 11, 2018).

Stéphane Degout; "Trois ballades de François Villon"; Claude Debussy - YouTube, (Mar 10, 2018).

Epitaphe Villon (François Villon) - YouTube, Mar 22, 2018.

Critique BD by Funambulle #18 - Je, François Villon par Luigi Critone. YouTube, (Apr 4, 2018).

Tina Nakou - "La ballade des pendus" (François Villon) / Marathons 2018 au Lexikopoleio. YouTube (Apr. 7 2018).

"Frères Humains" VILLON / Gilbert GUINEZ avril 2018 (YouTube, Apr 12).

Ballade des dames du temps jadis, Villon et Brassens. YouTube (Apr 15, 2018).

J'aime faire les mauvais choix de vie | Je, François Villon. YouTube (Apr 20, 2018).

Debussy: Trois ballades de François Villon, L. 119 - 1. Ballade de Villon à s'amye. YouTube (May 10, 2018).

Debussy: Trois ballades de François Villon, L. 119 - 2. Ballade que Villon fait à la requeste... YouTube (May 10, 2018).

Debussy: Trois ballades de François Villon, L. 119 - 3. Ballade des femmes de Paris. YouTube (May 10, 2018).

François Villon - Ballade des pendus [© Franklin Hamon], Jun 10, 2018.

Ballade des rois du temps jadis - Marc Ogeret. YouTube (May 11, 2018).

Villon-Project feat. Klaus Kinski - Ballade von der Mäusefrau [Downbeat] - YouTube, Jun 13, 2018.

Das kleine Testament · Heinz Birdy Vogl, Rainer Spechtl. YouTube (Jun 13, 2018).

Das große Testament · Villon-Project feat. Klaus Kinski. YouTube  (Jun 13, 2018).

Ballade pour prier Notre Dame - Monique Morelli. YouTube  (Jun 22, 2018).

la balade des pendus Villon (Jun 24, 2018) YouTube  - enregistré dans les carrières de pierres des Baux de Provence.

Marc Ogeret ballade des Rois du temps jadis François Villon -François Lancelot. YouTube  (Jun 26, 2018).

Ballade auf den Dichter Francois Villon - Wolf Biermann. YouTube  (Jun 27, 2018).

La Esposa del villon / Viyon no tsuma (2009) subtitulada (YouTube, Jun 29, 2018) [Japanese/Spanish subtitles].

Au cœur de l'histoire: François Villon, le premier « poète maudit » (Franck Ferrand) - YouTube Jul 6, 2018.

Twisted Mist - 04 - Ballade de Villon à S'amye 2018 - YouTube, Aug 12, 2018.

François VILLON, Ballade par laquelle Villon crye mercy à chascun - Livre audio (FR) Pomme, YouTube (Sep 3, 2018).

Blackhawk Films "Sword Of Villon", Starring. Errol Flynn- 1956 (YouTube , Sep 10, 2018).

Epitaphe et rondeau - François Villon - Michel Debray, YouTube (Sep 14, 2018).

ELECTRONIC MEDITATION - Mamola #1 (François Villon) (feat. Ajell) (2018) - YouTube, Sep 16 2018.

Ballade in der Villon jedermann Abbitte leistet (Worte: François Villon) - Christoph Holzhöfer (Sep 18, 2018).

Monique Morelli - François Villon - L'an quatre cent cinquante six (Le Lais), YouTube, Sep 25, 2018.

La Vie de Francois Villon 1sur2 - YouTube, film, Oct 7, 2018.

La Vie de Francois Villon 2sur2 - YouTube, film, Oct 7, 2018.

Gérard Philipe : la ballade des pendus - François Villon. YouTube  (Oct 18, 2018).

Le Testament (Épitaphe et Rondeau), François Villon. YouTube  (Oct 23, 2018).

Ballade des menus propos - François VILLON, chanté par Jean-Bruno Chantraine - YouTube, Nov 1, 2016.

Madrigal After François Villon (YouTube, Nov 5, 2018).

Sterni allaa - Ballade von den Redensarten (frei nach F. Villon) - Nov 6, 2018.

"Abendweib" François Villon/Paul Zech / Bernhard Mohl (LieD) YouTube, Nov 12, 2018.

"Dein rotes Haar" François Villon/Paul Zech / Bernhard Mohl (LieD), YouTube (Nov 17, 2018).

Poésie_François Villon par Serge Reggiani Livre Audio par François Villon. YouTube (Nov 20, 2018).

[LYRICS] Le Testament by François Villon (sung by Kirjuhel), YouTube, Nov 21, 2018.

Ballade de Pendus by Francois Villon TouTube (Dec 6, 2018).

François Villon - Pour Noël ! : Poème " Ballade des proverbes " - XVe siècle (Dec 22, 2018).

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