TennesseeBob Peckham
poet, songwriter, vocal-instrumental performer

In 2013, I retired from a successful career [old CV. Will make a new one] to compose, perform and enjoy music, and to write poetry. I have always been engaged in these, but have given them much less time than I should.


I published 2 poems in the 1964 issue of New Canaan High School's literary magazine, Spectator.

"Fall 1987." New Ground 2, no. 1 (1988): 9.

"A Poem for Crossing Language Boarders." The Forum of Phi Sigma Iota: International Foreign Language Honor Society 26, no. 1 (Spring 2004): 7.

"Shawneewalk." Tennessee Trails 36, no. 1 (January 2005:): 10.

"For Monolingual Americans [poem]." In Breakthrough: Essays And Vignettes in Honor of John A. Rassias. Ed. Mel Yoken.  New York: Peter Lang, Publishing, 2007. 103.

"Secret Sower." In Obion River Antholog: Poems, Essays and Short Stories by Area Writers. Martin, Tennessee: : Weakly County Arts & Humanities Council. 2007. 13-14.

[my poem in French explained] Allen, John Robin. "Saguenay des Voyages." Le Canard Déchaîné 39, no. 1 (septembre 2015): 10-13.

"Trailmix" anthology of my secular poetry and song lyrics.

"Paths to Kingdom's Gate" anthology of my poems and song lyrics expressing my faith.


Choir kid from the age of 6.
Attended musical events and folk festivals.
Sang in New Canaan High School "Choraleers" and All-Connecticut Chorus
Father, a music lover, was on the Munsingwear writing team for "Ching-a-ling" (Jill Corey).
Choral performer, busker and club and coffeehouse singer while in college.

Since then, I have played my autoharp and sung on radio or television in Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas; also on the street, in clubs, bars, coffeehouses, state parks, churches, conference venues, parties, political fundraisers, and auditoriums, in a number of places, mostly east of the Mississippi, including Canada.

Co-Founder of "Au Coeur du Vent" (French-language vocal/instrumental group singing covers and originals). This group will be performing at the Nashville Convention Center for the ACTFL Convention on November 18, 2017.

Up to now, I have composed 38 songs (4 in French).

[my lyrics and a primitive performance avaiable through] Allen, John Robin. "Saguenay des Voyages." Le Canard Déchaîné 39, no. 1 (septembre 2015): 10-13.

First professional recording, my song, "Nashville or Bust," on Small Town Big Sound: Music of Northwest Tennessee, Vol. 2 (released by Bronze Studio, March 26, 2016), available through cdBaby at electronic distribution points.

    "Nashville or Bust" on You Tube (May 7, 2016)

Second professional recording, my song, "Children of Promise", which I modified for performance with my daughter, Suzanne. It is a track on Small Town Big Sound III, side B  (to be released in CD form September 2017 by Bronze Studio).

I have just composed my songs on commission (October 2016), "Messiah of Stranger", a Christmas song for a local church, and lyrics to a song called "God's Mercy", sung to the tune of "Moon River".

I have also written a pubicity jingle for a new business in Martin, TN.

Online live performance and computer mic recordings [selected]

English Performances at Soleil Garden Center [originals and covers]

    September 2013   

    Keegan Paluso's 2014 Songwriters Tour  

    May 2015 Cinco de Quatro event   

English computer-mic recording

    My composition "Take a walk through my heart" 

    My composition "Out of gas on the freeway"  

    My composition "Salvation on the road"  

    My composition "Let the weak be strong"

My composition "Black Friday"

My composition "Then longen folk to go"

    My composition "I can see the springtime a-comming"

    My composition "Emptiness"

My composition "Chrome-Hearted Wanderer" [2017]

French-language lyrics

    In Birmingham [covers and on original, with Karen Sorenson and Mike Ledgerwood]  

    My composition "Chanson de Trois vents"

    My composition "Je suis Charlie" in memory of the Charile Hebdo staff

    My composition "Saguenay des voyages" 

    My musical setting for Arthur Rimbaud's "Sensation"  

Robert D. Peckham, PhD
Director, Globe-Gate Research
University of Tennessee at Martin
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