A WebQuest is an inquiry-oriented activity in which most or all of the information used by learners is drawn from the Web. WebQuests are designed to use learners' time well, to focus on using information rather than looking for it, and to support learners' thinking at the levels of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. The model was developed in early 1995 at San Diego State University by Bernie Dodge with Tom March (from What's a WebQuest?). For a WebQuest, teachers provide the required Web resources in order to save time and allow students to complete the activity efficiently during the assigned class time.

You are to create an original "short" WebQuest in Microsoft's PowerPoint. See "Some Thoughts About Web Quests" by Bernie Dodge for an overview of the project. Use the resources available on WebQuest.Org to assist you. Maintain a list of resources you used in the creation of your original WebQuest so you can provide this information when needed as you complete the template. The use of the PowerPoint template will encourage you to keep the WebQuest short, the best format for beginners. You will also create an accompanying student handout appropriate for your WebQuest and a lesson plan for its use.

Use the template provided in Blackboard (Assignments). The examples show the use of hyperlinks, both within the PowerPoint document and to the Web. Please include both of these types of links in your document. Create a folder on your desktop for the project as you begin. Create all links to documents within that folder. Do not move files outside the original folder, or the links to other documents will not work properly. For instructions on how to accomplish these hyperlinks, see this document for instructions. Please see Blackboard (Assignments) for other important documents including complete instructions for creating your WebQuest and student handout, grading rubric, planning sheet, and a sample project with sample lesson plan. NOTE: Sample projects are not "perfect," but are representative of the assignment.

For additional assistance in preparing your WebQuest, see the WebQuest Workshop and Creating a WebQuest.

A lesson plan for the WebQuest you create that follows the UTM TEAM model format should accompany your WebQuest. The lesson plan should be submitted in a Word file (.doc) or in Rich Text Format (.rtf). Each objective should be clearly linked to the Tennessee state standards (where possible). Students from a state other than Tennessee should use their own state standards (provide a Web link to these standards). Pay particular attention to the way in which objectives are written.

Sample assignment files are provided in Blackboard. There are also numerous examples of WebQuests on the Web, particularly on WebQuest.Org. In the left margin, you will see "Find WebQuests." Click there to find examples in their database. These sample projects can provide many ideas from which you can create your own unique WebQuest.

One of the primary purposes of the WebQuest is to create a learning experience that encourages students to use higher order thinking skills (application of knowledge). This requires more of the student than simply researching information and answering questions and/or writing a report. For your WebQuest, you must select a type of task from A Taxonomy of Tasks. The "retelling" task is the only type of task not appropriate for this assignment.

This assignment will require more time than any other assignment for this course. It is important that you begin work on the WebQuest as soon as your plan is finalized. Please see the course schedule for the due date for the completed WebQuest. No extension will be granted on this final project deadline for any reason.

You will submit three files for this assignment: (1) a WebQuest in PowerPoint, (2) a student handout in Word, and (3) a lesson plan in the TEAM format in Word. Submit each through the proper SafeAssign section in Blackboard by 8:00 a.m on the due date. Be sure your last name is on each file (e.g., smith_webquest.ppt, smith_lessonplan.doc, smith_handout.doc). SafeAssign submission is also required for the lesson plan, student handout, and content of the Powerpoint file (see Assignments - Required Use of SafeAssign in Blackboard for details).

Students needing assistance with Blackboard should use the UTM Online Tutor or contact the Help Desk.

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