Harold D. Cochran

Senior Broadcasting Engineer

Department of Communications

538 University Street / 305 Gooch Hall

Martin, TN 38238

I began my electronics career in January of 1987 with the United States Air Force as a Weather Equipment Technician.  After my enlistment had ended, I returned to Tennessee and joined the Tennessee Air National Guard in March of 1990 where I was trained as a Communication/Navigation Technician.  During my enlistment with the guard, I was hired by the University of Tennesse at Martin in September of 1992.  I began working as an Electronic Technician in the Paul Meek Library where I serviced anything that was not computer or copier related for the entire campus.  In March of 1999, I transferred to the Department of Communications as the Senior Broadcasting Engineer.  I now have over twenty-five years of electronic experience, more than twenty years of that time with the university, and the past thirteen years as an engineer for both television and radio in the Department of Communications.  I am very fortunate to have had wonderful experiences in both federal and state employment in my career choices.