H. Dawn Wilkins, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology
Department of Biological Sciences
The University of Tennessee at Martin 
Martin, TN 38238

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My undergraduate reserach program investigates different aspects of the life history and ecology of common birds in northwest Tennessee. Here are some examples of my UG research projects:


Investigating Niche Breadth and Overlap between four species of Wintering Woodpeckers in northwest Tennessee.

Do Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers have bacteria in their digestive tracks that are capable of breaking down cellulose? 


Is Acorn production related to Red-headed Woodpecker abundance in bottomland hardwood forests?


What types of animals use woodpecker cavities after they are done with them?

What is the best technique for monitoring Barred Owl populations around Reelfoot Lake, TN?


Description of Great Blue Heron/Great Egret Rookeries at Reelfoot Lake, TN.


How do Tufted Titmice and Carolina Chickadees respond to alarm and non-alarm call?