Little River (GSMP) in Fall

Above: a fall scene along Little River Road, GSMNP.

Name:  Jim Clark

Telephone:  587-7369, 587-7573

Classes, Spring 2005
CS 221.......8:00    MWF
CS 470.......8:00    T-Th
Office Hours, BA 126D or BA 110
9:30-11.... .....T-Th
Other times by arrangement

In addition to my responsibilities as an instructor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, some of my other interests include:

Northwest Tennesese Chapter, Tennessee Trails Association

Brian Brown Greenway Foundation


Along the South Kaibab Trail, March 1998



Weather and pictures from some of my favorite places.

Martin, Tennessee

GCNP Weather Grand Canyon,
National Park, AZ

Up Clear Creek Canyon, Mar. 1998 (Gillon, Stevenson, Clark).

At the Tipoff, Tonto & South Kaibab Trail, March 1998.

GSMNP Weather Great Smoky
Mountains NP, TN

Sunset at Mt. Leconte, GSMP, May 1997.

Little River, GSMP, Fall 1997.

Alps Weather Berner Oberland,

Near the Kleine Scheidegg

Reichenback Falls viewed between Reuti and Magisalp

SNF Weather Shawnee National
Forest. S. Illinois

Pounds Hollow, Lake, Shawnee Nat. Forest, Illinois

Garden of the Gods, Shawnee Nat. Forest, Illinois.

SCSP Weather South Cumberland
SP, Tracy City, TN

Savage Gulf Overlook, SCSP, TN.

Big Creek, SCSP, TN.

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 Meiringen, SW LiveCam




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