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The group.

Starting out.

February 10, 2001

After a balmy Friday and a night of rain, a cold front and strong northerly winds greeted a hardy band of hikers when they gathered at the parking lot next to the Chancellor's residence to view first-hand what is to become Phase I of the Brian Brown Memorial Greenway. The plans for Phase I are to link downtown Martin with residences in West Martin by using multi-purpose trails partially along the abandoned railroad right of way that passes through the UTM campus and downtown Martin.

Under the leadership of David Belote, we walked along the right of way across the old bridge that some of Dr. Rich Helgeson's students have made structurally sound, under the highway bypass and through the Scenic Hills Subdivision. Some real brush-busting and trash avoidance was necessary, but we could see the future possibilities of a walkway that would link that subdivision with downtown Martin. Backtracking, we walked along the creek bed crossing the farmland out to the corner near MacDonald;s and envisioned the possibility of a loop trail following the stream bed, joining with the railroad right of way, and making a large figure-8 with the old railroad being at the center. Mind you, it took a pretty vivid imagination to see the possibilities, but the likelihood of those possibilities is becoming greater.

Since our walk, the City of Martin has appointed Tim Johnston and Jim Clark to a Brian Brown Greenway Commission. Tim is the chair of the commission and Jim is the treasurer. Some of Rich Helgeson's students will be engaged in surveying a proposed routing during the fall semester of 2001. A scouting trip by the Martin Greenway Commission on Aug. 24th proposed several possible routes as the project comes ever closer to reality.

Participants included: Tim Johnston, Ross Cormia, Rich Helgeson, Jim Clark, Nancy Warren, David Belote, Donna McBeth, and Rob Nettles. (See picture: Starting Out)






Old bridge.

Old Railroad Bridge UTM students have stabilized

Helgeson inpsects!

Dr. Helgeson inspects his students' work.

Tim Johnston in the creek!

Tim Johnson inspects old pilings.
Down the trail

Walking towards scenic hills along old railroad right of way

In the ditch!

Come hike with us!

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