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Martin, TN


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Individual Donors


Founding Sponsors ($1000 or greater)

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Butler
Dr. Elizabeth A Caplan-Carbin
Anna and Jim Clark
Phil and Sandy Davis
Dr. Russell M. Gilliam
Roy Herron and Nancy Miller-Herron
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Johnson
Mr. Mike Munkel
Dr. Tim Johnston
Mr. Casey and Mr. Patrick Vowell
Mrs. Mary K. Vowell

Charter Supporters ($500.00 - $999.9)

Mrs. Laura Brown
Mitch and Claris Brown
Drs. Mike and Nancy Hinds
Ned R. McWherter
    Governor, State of Tennessee
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Pelren


Friends ($100.00 - $499.99)

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Belote
Mrs. Virginia Blackshire (Memorials)
Mr. and Mrs. James Booz
Mr. Boone Brown
Ms. Georgia Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Bukeavich
Nick and Cathy Dunagan
Rusty and Candy Goad
Ms. Cile Grasfeder
Ms. Brenda T. Gulledge
Delano (Biggie) Hazlewood (Memorials)
Dr. Reginald M. High
Mr. Finis Jones
Ms. Amanda Lamberth
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lawrence
Mr. Kenneth Lieblein
Mr. Charles L. Moore
Ms. Paula B. Moore
Ms. Melanie D. Morris
Tom and Janice Noble
Dr. and Mrs. Earl Norwood
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Parham
Dr. and Mrs. J. Preston Prather
James and Joan Pritchett
Ms. Audrey Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Rushing
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Shumake
Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Smith
Mr. William Solomons
Mr. Glenn R. Thackston
Mr. Noah Towe
Ms. Tonia L. Turner
Steve and Vicki Vantrease
Mr. Kenny Waddell
Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Waggener
Roy and Ethelene White


Contributors ($5.00 - $99.99)

Ms. Susie M. Blackburn
Ms. Laurie A. Britt
Dr. Richard Chesteen
Ms. April Cheung
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Coalter
Dr. and Mrs. Paul B. Crapo
Ross and Susan Cormia
Ms. Nancy Culver
Mr. Robert Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Ed DeWaters
Mrs. Kay Durden
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Eskew
Ms. Danelle Fabianich
Ms. Mary Ruth Gibbons
Dr. Bettye L. Giles
Dr. and Mr. Charles E. Harding
Ms. Barbara Harris
Ms. Sue M. Hatler
Brian Johnson
Kara Hooper and Gayle McFarland
Ms. Judy Keene
Ms. Beth Kempton
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lemaster
Dr. Jennifer Levy
Ms. Phillis A. Little
Mrs. Betsey Long
Dr. and Mrs. John R. McCluskey
Mr. Bob McCluskey
Mr. Phillip J. Miller
Stephen and Bea Mohler
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Moore
Dr. Theorore R. Mosch
Dr. Ernie Moser
Ms. Hortense Parrish
Lynn Patterson and Les MacEiarmid
Col. Alva W. Pendergrass
Ms. Dee Pritchett
Mr. Steve Rogers
Ashley Joy Ruggles
Ms. Margie Seale
Mrs. Heather Sizemore
Jack and Jennifer Vincent

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