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Inauguural hike with Jim Clark, Barb and Craig Darroch, Brian and Georgia Brown, Phil Miller

Tennessee River View

Overlooking the Tenneessee River

Wooded View

Wooded View

In February 2000, a few folks joined Jerry Lenski and Gloria Norrid from the Memphis chapter and Suva Bastin and others from the Clarksville chapter for a hike at Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park. It was a glorious winter's day, with hardly a cloud in the sky and the temperature near 60. Some (Craig Darroch and Brian) went on shorter hikes of about 3 miles as each had children in tow. Others (the power workout folks) hiked approximately 10 miles. There were wonderful views of the Tennessee river and wooded hills. We were a little disappointed that some of the trails seemed to use roadways as opposed to going cross county, but that was just a minor distraction. Nothing could take away from this unusually warm winter's day.

From this initial hike, efforts by Brian Brown, Jerry Lenski, and Jim Clark helped get the Northwest Tennessee Chapter organized. On this page you will find smaller photos taken that day. For a larger view, click the image or the text below.


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