Jason DeVito
Associate Professor



I am primarily interested in manifolds of non-negative and positive sectional curvature, especially those somehow involving Lie groups.
Here are my papers:

1. The classification of compact simply connected biquotients in dimension 4 and 5 (arXiv pdf) - Diff. Geom. Appl., Vol. 34 (2014), 128-138

2. The classification of compact simply connected biquotients in dimension 6 and 7 (arXiv pdf - Math. Ann. Vol. 368, Issue 3-4 (2017), 1493-1541)

3. The classification and curvature on biquotients of the form $Sp(3)//Sp(1)^2$ (Joint with undergrads Robert DeYeso III, Michael Ruddy, and Philip Wesner) (arXiv pdf) - Ann. Glob. Anal. Geo , Vol. 46 (2014), No. 4, 389-407

4. The classification of $SU(2)^2$ biquotients of rank $3$ Lie groups (Joint with undergrad Robert DeYeso III) (arXiv pdf - Topol. and Appl., Vol. 198 (2016), 86-100

5. Rationally $4$-periodic biquotients (arXiv pdf) - Geom. Ded. Vol 195. (2018), 121-135

6. Quasi-positive curvature on a biquotient of $Sp(3)$ (Joint with undergrad Wesley Martin) ( arXiv pdf) - Involve, a Journal of Mathematics 11-5 (2018), 787-801. DOI 10.2140/involve.2018.11.787

7. Almost positive curvature on an irreducible compact symmetric space of rank 2 (Joint with undergrad Ezra Nance) ( arXiv pdf) International Mathematics Research Notices, , rny049, https://doi.org/10.1093/imrn/rny049 - Due to IMRN copyright policies, the arXiv version will not be updated until a year after the article appears online.

8. A series of series topologies on $\mathbb{N}$ (Joint with undergrad Zach Parker) ( arXiv pdf) (To appear in Involve, a Journal of Mathematics)

9. Three new examples of almost positively curved manifolds. ( arXiv pdf ) (To appear in Geometriae Dedicata)

10. Cohomogeneity one manifolds with singly generated rational cohomology ring (Joint with Lee Kennard)( arXiv pdf ) (Submitted)

11. Manifolds that admit a double disk-bundle decomposition (Joint with Fernando Galaz-García and Martin Kerin) ( arXiv pdf ) (Submitted)

12. The radio number of diameter 3 Hamming graphs (Joint with Amanda Niedzialomski and undergraduate Jennifer Kaneer (In preparation)

13. Rational spheres and double disk bundles. (In preparation)

14. Highly connected manifolds with singly generated rational cohomology ring (In preparation)

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