1. No one objects to a physician looking up a difficult case in medical books. Why, then, shouldn't students taking a difficult examination be permitted to use their textbooks?

2. We should reject the theory of evolution since Reverend Whitfield rejects it.†

3. If you fire that gun, you will hear a loud noise; you hear a loud noise, therefore you fired that gun.

4. Two and three are even and odd. Two and three make five. Therefore, five is even and odd.

5. Taking prescription opioid pain killers is the best way of relieving chronic pain; since you are in chronic pain, prescription opioid pain killers is the best thing for you to do.

6. I know youíre depressed that you lost your job, but at least you donít have to worry about starving, so cheer up.

7. Death penalty critics are wrong they believe that the lives of convicted murderers are more important than the lives of their victims.

8. I need overtime since my daughterís college bill is killing me.

9. Pennsylvania contains rich coal and iron mines. Pennsylvania has no sea-coast. Therefore, the battle of Gettysburg was fought in that state.

10. My marriage was so disastrous that I would not recommend marriage to anyone.

11. Most of the babies born in this hospital this month have been boys, so mine today is more likely to be a girl.

12. And he spake to his sons, saying, Saddle me the ass. And they saddled him. (1 Kings 13:27)

13. What harms people ought to be prohibited; alcohol harms people; therefore, alcohol should be prohibited.

14. John is a tree-hugging environmentalist, thus he values plant life as much as he does human life.

15. London is the heart of England; a swollen heart is a sign of disease; therefore, the growing size of London indicates evil to England.

16. What is preventing you from accepting your responsibility?

17. The people of England have a prejudice against the French. He is one of the people of England, therefore he has a prejudice against the French.

18. Reverend Whitfield did not preach on Sunday, and there was a hailstorm the following Monday. Therefore his failure to preach was the cause of the hailstorm.

19. Lost:† a valuable silk umbrella belonging to a gentle man with a curiously carved head.

20. Either when the soul ceases to be it ceases to suffer, or, when the soul continues to be it lives in a better state. Therefore, death must be a good.

21. You should vote against Senator Zucchiniís pro-human cloning bill since he is the most corrupt senator we have had in the history of this country.

22. You should accept that the Sun orbits the Earth, rather than the reverse, otherwise you will face the inquisition of the Church.

23. We cannot prove affirmatively that spirits do not revisit the earth, or send messages to former friends through mediums. Thus, spirits do these things.

24. If you step on that glass then your feet will bleed; you did not step on that glass, therefore your feet are not bleeding.

25. Euthanizing people who are terminally ill are in chronic pain will eventually lead to euthanizing people who are not terminally ill or in chronic pain. Therefore, we should not permit Euthanizing people who are terminally ill are in chronic pain.

26. The authority of the Church is grounded in scripture, and the truth of scripture is grounded in the authority of the Church.

27. The bestselling album of all time is Michael Jacksonís Thriller, so it must be great.