Symbolize the following simple non-relational statements (e.g., Ms “Socrates is mortal”).


(1) Joe is a consultant   

(2) Claire is a skydiver   


Symbolize the following compound non-relational statements (contains logical connectives, e.g., ~Vh “Hitler was not virtuous”).


(3) Bob is not a thief    

(4) Joe is happy if and only if Bob is sad        

(5) Claire is eavesdropping or Bob is eavesdropping        


Symbolize the following two-place relational predicates (e.g., Lbc “Bob loves Claire”).


(6) Claire shops at Kohls    

(7) Joe does not shop at Walmart     

(8) If Claire shops at Kohls or Joe shops at Walmart, then Bob shops at Goodies                  



Symbolize the following three-place relational predicates (e.g., Gcfb “Claire gave Fido to Bob”).


(9) Claire spilled water on Joe     

(10) Claire spilled water on herself     

(11) If Claire spills water on Bob, then Bob will spill water on Claire             


Complete and symbolize the following symmetrical, asymmetrical, or nonsymmetrical relationships.


(12) Joe is handcuffed to Bob                         

(13) Joe was born before Claire                          


Complete and symbolize the following transitive, intransitive or nontransitive relationships.


(14) Claire is faster than Joe and Joe is faster than Bob                              

(15) Claire emails Joe and Joe emails Bob                                          


Symbolize the following non-relational quantification statements.


(16) Some sponges are not purple             

(17) All sponges are porous            

(18) Not everything is a sponge        


Symbolize the following relational quantification statement.


(19) No partiers like the masked-keg-chugger              


Symbolize the following identity predicates.


(20) Bob is the masked-keg-chugger    

(21) There are at least two spies in this room                        

(22) Bob is the ugliest person in this room