Symbolize the following simple non-relational statements (e.g., Ms “Socrates is mortal”).


(1) Kate is a neurosurgeon   

(2) Don is a Boy Scout   


Symbolize the following compound non-relational statements (contains logical connectives, e.g., ~Vh “Hitler was not virtuous”).


(3) Kate is not a Boyscout    

(4) Don is whistling and Kate is singing        

(5) If Kate is laughing then Don is crying        


Symbolize the following two-place relational predicates (e.g., Lbc “Bob loves Claire”).


(6) Don boats in the river Styx    

(7) Kate does not like the band Styx     

(8) If Don breaks the eggs then Kate won’t eat breakfast and Sarah won’t eat lunch                     



Symbolize the following three-place relational predicates (e.g., Gcfb “Claire gave Fido to Bob”).


(9) Don gave money to Kate     

(10) Don gave money to himself     

(11) If Don gives money to Kate, then Kate will give money to Sarah            


Complete and symbolize the following symmetrical, asymmetrical, or nonsymmetrical relationships.


(12) Sarah likes Kate                                     

(13) Kate is smarter than Don                          


Complete and symbolize the following transitive, intransitive or nontransitive relationships.


(14) Kate yells at Sarah and Sarah yells at Don                                           

(15) Kate is smarter than Don and Don is smarter than Joe                               


Symbolize the following non-relational quantification statements.


(16) Some sporks are plastic            

(17) No sporks are plutonium             

(18) Something is a spork       


Symbolize the following relational quantification statement.


(19) Some biologists like snakes             


Symbolize the following identity predicates.


(20) Don is the smartest student                           

(21) Only Don is a superhero             

(22) No gamblers won except Don