CSCI 222: Programming Concepts and Problem Solving II
Spring 2014

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Instructor Info
Instructor: Dr. Joshua T. Guerin
Email: jguerin (at) utm (dot) edu
Class Times: MW 11:00-11:50
Th 11:00-12:15
Location: (M/W) Lecture: 119 Johnson EPS
(Th) Lab: G1 Johnson EPS
Office: G3-D Johnson EPS Building
Office Phone: (731) 881-7246
Office Hours: See My Schedule

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News and Reminders
02/24/2014: Whitespace matters.
01/13/2014: A link to C++ books/ebooks available from the UTM library has been posted on the resources page.
01/12/2014: The first day of class is Monday, 01/13. I look forward to seeing everyone there.