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Current Research

Food (In)security on a Rural Campus

With Dr. Daphne Henderson. An application of the USDA Food Security survey which examines food insecurity & hunger on a rural, primarily undergraduate, commuter college campus.

Weakley County, TN Community Food Assessment

Technical report being prepared for the Northwest Tennessee Local Food Network. Analyses include socio-economic characteristics of community members, hunger and food insecurity in the county, information from the latest USDA Census of Agriculture, and the role of local food efforts in a small, rural community.

Recent Publications/Presentations

Overcoming Status Deficiencies in the Classroom: The Mediating Effect of Motivation and Self-appraisals on Teachers' Predictions for Academic Outcomes.

An analysis of the Educational Longitudinal Study 2002-2012 seeking to understand the role of race, class, and gender in teachers' appraisals of students' educational outcomes.

Weakley County Schools Nutrition

Research consulting in collaboration with the Weakley County Public School District.

Can Empathy be Taught in the Classroom?

With Dr. Lindsay Anderson - An exploratory study seeking to measure empathy gains among college students when presented with information related to poverty, social stratification, and race. This classic pre-test/post-test method utilizes the Toronto Empathy Scale as well as demographic measures to guage the empact of teaching about sensitive topics.

On the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Learning Gains in Different Educational Environments

Another pre-test/post-test design, this study seeks to measure differences in learning gains in traditional (face-to-face) classrooms, distance learning classrooms with a live instructor, and, in the future, online classrooms.

Lifestyle-exposure Theory and Cyberbullying: Locating Predictors of Victimization and Barriers to Reporting. Southern Sociological Society 2016. With Amanda S. Mansfield

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“After Pygmalion: The Mediating Effect of Self-Assessment on Teachers’ Expectations of Student Achievement.”. Southern Sociological Society 2015.

“(Re)Embodiment of the Digital Self and First Life Body in a New Social Media Environment: Paid Sex Work in Second Life.” Studies in Symbolic Interaction 43:143-171.

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Manuscript Referee

Symbolic Interaction, Kentucky Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship, Rowman & Littlefield, Routledge, Oxford University Press