Atlas of West Tennessee
created by Gareth T. Turner and Whitney D. Durham 

About the Atlas of West Tennessee

The Atlas Of West Tennessee (AWT) is a continuing project for geography students at The University of Tennessee at Martin.  First conceptualized by Geoscience/Geography major Whitney D. Durham in Spring 2000 as a senior project, the AWT was originally intended to be a set of printed reference and thematic maps for use by K-12 social science educators.  With the addition of fellow Geoscience/Geography major Gareth T. Turner, the scope of the atlas project expanded.  Durham focused on developing reference and historical maps; Turner worked on the basic base map design, as well as the demographic and economic maps.  During the Spring 2001 semester, Turner created this site.  The design of the AWT seen here is based on his reviews and critiques of other on-line cartographic websites. 

The AWT will continue to evolve as other students at UT Martin contribute their own maps and as more recent data for the maps becomes available.

Viewing and Printing the Atlas Maps

All of the maps in the Atlas of West Tennessee are freely available to the public;  in fact, we encourage you to use and share these maps with others!

The AWT will view correctly with Explorer 5.5+ or Netscape 6.01.  Other browsers such as Netscape 4.7 may not display the maps and/or the data properly.

For each map, two versions are available:

For optimal viewing, you may wish to reset the screen area resolution of your monitor.  For PC users, go to the Start button; choose the Settings, then the Control Panel > Display > Settings and then choose your screen area in the bottom right corner.  Move the slider to the right until it reads 1024 X 768.  Press the Apply button at the bottom of the window and accept the changes.  

Each map is also accompanied by a link that will display an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file that provides a basic description, interpretation, and data set.  Some of these pages will also have direct links to the U S Census Bureau or other sites from which the data sets were gathered.  If you need to obtain Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can obtain it for free from Adobe's website.

Your Comments and Suggestions are Appreciated !

Since the AWT has been designed as a public service, we welcome your comments and suggestions.  We are especially interested in suggestions for new maps that you could use.  

Please e-mail your ideas to Jefferson S. Rogers, Assistant Professor of Geography (


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