World - Country Outline Map (unlabeled)

 - Country boundaries and major lakes; some Pacific Isl. nation-states not shown

 - Latitude and longitude 15-degree grid overlay included

 - .pdf file format;  ~3.7 MB


World - Geopolitical Divisions of the Cold War Era

  - Countries shaded as “First-, “ Second-,” and “Third-World”   

  - .pdf file format;  ~3.9 MB


World Geodemographics - Rates of Natural Increase

  - Countries shaded by rates of natural increase for 2014    

  - .pdf file format;  ~4.0 MB


World Geodemographics - Infant Mortality

  - Countries shaded by rates of infant mortality for 2014

  - .pdf file format;  ~4.1 MB


World Geodemographics - Adult Literacy

  - Countries shaded by literacy rates of males and females, ages 15+

  - Data for most countries are UNESCO 2015 estimates;

     other countries’ literacy rates are estimates for earlier years as reported in the CIA Factbook      

  - .pdf file format;  ~4.1 MB


All maps are presented in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.


If you want to insert a map into a PowerPoint presentation or Word file,

you can use Acrobat’s various tools to accomplish this in several different ways

and still maintain the quality of the map.  


For example, you can save the .pdf as an image in .png or .jpg formats.

Alternatively, you can also use the “snapshot” tool within Acrobat

to copy any portion of the map into your computer’s buffer and then paste it into

your presentation or document.


Adjust the quality and resolutions of the map images to your needs.



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