The University of Tennessee at Martin
Department of English
Principal Secretary


I began working in the English Department (website) on April 18, 1994. I learned quickly that this job was light years away from my little office in 112 Business Administration from whence I came. It had basically been a quiet job with one supervisor and one student worker. But this department needed revolving doors for all the students, faculty, and visitors that pass through daily. What had I done? Soon after carving out my little niche amongst all the flurry of activity, I found many real people whom I have grown to admire and respect, people I can laugh with, people I can call my friends. It's very different here in the English Department, but somehow I belong.

Phillip Miller is the Department Chair, my supervisor, and my friend. Phil is such a diverse person, this website couldn't hold the entirety of an exact description of all he is and all he does for this department and this University. He would never stand for that anyway. He's really super to work with. Soon after my transfer to the department, he once commented to me that he hoped I didn't have any regrets over my transfer from the Hendrix Chair job to the English Department. I replied that the only regret I'd ever have would be the day he retired.

1998 ended on a wonderful note for me, as I was selected to receive the UTM Outstanding Employee Award for Fall 1998 in the non-exempt category thanks to the diligence of my faculty in nominating me time and again! What a tremendous honor they have bestowed upon me! They're really a great group of people to work with. Receiving this award is a thrilling experience for me to say the least. I'm the support staff for the English department, but sometimes I wonder who's supporting whom? :)

Tom E. Hendrix Chair of Excellence in Free Enterprise
Principal Secretary


Before transferring to the English Department, I worked in the Tom E. Hendrix Chair of Excellence in Free Enterprise. I began working at UTM on December 14, 1990, just six working days before the Christmas break. I worked those six days and got paid on the sixth day for the days I worked plus the next 11 days which I did not have to work. Wow! What a great place!! Merry Christmas!!

I worked for Dr. J. R. Clark, the Hendrix Chairholder at that time. That position was one of the most challenging times of my career and one of the most enjoyable. I made many friends in the School of Business. I learned a great deal from Dr. Clark, and in turn, he earned my highest admiration and respect. A self-made millionaire, he was and is very different from anyone I have ever known, and I will always be indebted to him for helping mold me into the professional I am today.

That was a lifetime ago. He left UTM in July, 1993, and is now holder of the Scott L. Probasco, Jr. Chair of Private Enterprise at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I talk with him every month or so to keep abreast of his latest achievements and to say "hi" to him and his wife, Arlene Doniwitz. He called me "The Jude," a name I still answer to today when he calls. I really miss them!

My complete resume is attached here.