Math 130
The Nature of Math
Spring 2012


John Schommer, Humanities 425


(O) 881-7366, (H) 588-0794



Office Hours:


10 11


4 5



Other hours available by appointment.

Homework: Homework, as specified by our syllabus, will be assigned nightly. Roughly the first twenty minutes of every class will be spent going over the previous night's homework. Homework will be collected on the test days designated by our course calendar. It will be graded while the test is being administered and returned at the end of class. If for any reason you must be absent on a test day, it is YOUR responsibility to see to it that I receive your homework before or during that testing hour. Late homework will not be accepted for any reason. Your lowest homework grade will be dropped.

Tests: There will be five (5) tests. Tests will be administered on the days designated by our course calendar. After tests are graded and handed back, students will be able to recapture 1/3 of their lost points by returning their corrected tests on the day of the next test. Corrections must be made in red. Your lowest test grade will be dropped. The point of this policy is to recognize the fact that students are sometimes ill and/or need to take care of family emergencies. No make-ups will be offered for any reason. Students who can anticipate an absence on a test day may arrange to take a test earlier than everyone else, but never later.

Final Exam: The final exam will be multiple choice and comprehensive. Ours will be held Monday April 30 from 12:45-2:45pm. The final exam may also be used to replace your second lowest test score.

Grades: Your final grade will be computed as follows:



Final Exam


Letter grades will be assigned as follows: 90-100 A, 80-89 B, 70-79 C, 60-69 D.

If your homework average is higher than 70% AND your final average is 59, 69, 79, or 89, then you will receive the next highest letter grade.

Attendance/Academic Honesty: Highly recommended.

Students with Disabilities: Any student eligible for and requesting an academic accommodation due to a disability is asked to provide a letter of accommodation from the Student Success Center within the first two weeks of the semester.