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The Eighth Prague Topological Symposium
August 18-24, 1996
Economical University
Prague, Czech Republic
Conference Organizers

J. Novak & A. Dold & M. Husek & B. Balcar & J. Pelant & A. Klíc & P. Simon & V. Trnková

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J. Aarts* : Coloring fixed-point free maps
M. R. Adhikari : Vector Bundles and their Related Algebra
I. W. Alderton : Finite Products and Conjoining Structures in Monotopological Categories
Elena Alemany : On Quasi-Metric Completion
Sergey Antonian : Retraction Properties of the Orbit Space
Francisco G. Arenas : On Sierpinski Theorem
A. V. Arhangelskii* : Embeddings into Cp-spaces
J. W. de Bakker* : Metric control flow semantics
Richard N. Ball & James N. Hagler : Injective T-Boolean algebras and Projective Boolean Flows
Zoltan Balogh* : On the Bing-Nagami Conjecture
R. Bartsch : How to Generalize the Notion of a k-Space
M. N. Benkafadar : On a Local Degree of One Class of Multi-Valued Vector Fields
H. L. Bentley : On the Strict Completion of a Nearness Space
Semeon Bogatyi : The Banach-Mazur Compactum Q(n) is an AR
Henno Brandsma : A Compact HL-Space Need Not Have a Monolithic Hyperspace
M. Montserrat Bruguera : Duality for Convergence Abelian Groups
Jiling Cao : On Quasiuniform Hyperspaces of Closed Compact Subsets
Matija Cencelj : On Daverman Compacta
J. Chaber : On Souslin Sets in the \Sigma -Product in \Bbb N\aleph1
Krzysztof Ciesielski : Sections in Topological Dynamics
Petr Cízek : A Construction of New Gul'ko and Talagrand Compacta
Maria Manuel Clementino : Separation versus Connectedness
E. Coplakova : Crowded Rational Ultrafilters
Ákos Czászár : Cauchy Structures and Contiguities
Dikran Dikranjan* : Recent Advances in Minimal Topological Groups
Giuseppe Di Maio : A Hypertopology Determined by the Family of Totally Bounded Sets is the Infimum of Upper Wijsman Topologies
D. Doitchinov : Cauchy completions of uniform frames
A. Dold* : Universal fixed point invariants
Szymon Dolecki : Applications of covergence theory in general topology
Julian Dontchev : Ideal Resolvability
Alan Dow* : Partition algebras of MAD families
Nurettin Ergun : On Shapable and Winnable Properties
Alessandro Fedeli : On the Cardinality of Hausdorff Spaces
Alessandro Fedeli : On the Cardinality of Hausdorff Spaces
V. V. Fedorchuk* : On completeness of spaces of \tau -additive measures
Sakaé Fuchino : A Very Weak Variant of the Square Principle and its Applications
Jorge Galindo : The Concept of Boundedness and the Bohr Compactification of a MAP Abelian Group
Maximilian Ganster : On Some Generalizations of Spaces in which Lindelöf Subsets Are Closed
David Gauld : Microbundles Revisited
J. Gerlits : On a Ramsey-type topological theorem
S. Glasner* : Structure theory and its applications in topological dynamics
Ivan Gotchev : On Sequential Properties of Noetherian Topological Spaces
Douglass L. Grant : Converting Groups into Cancellative Semigroups: an Algebraic Approach to the Wallace Problem
Gary Gruenhage* : Irreducible Restrictions of Closed Mappings
Daiga Grundmane : Fixed Points for Non-Invariant Maps
A. A. Gryzlov : Weak P-points, 0-points and Some Other Points of Compactifications
Cosimo Guido : Fuzzy Topological Properties in Some Categories of Fuzzy Topological Spaces
Alexandra S. Gul'ko : Rectifiable Spaces
S. P. Gul'ko* : P-points and continuous function spaces
Bernd Günther : Continuous Alexander-Spanier Cohomology Classifies Principal Bundles with Abelian Structure Group
Valentin G. Gutev : Selections and Continuity-Like Set-Valued Mappings
R. W. Hansell* : Nonseparable Analytic Metric Spaces and Quotient Maps
K. P. Hart* : The Cech-Stone Compactification of \Bbb R
Michael A. van Hartskamp : Fixed-Points in Cech-Stone Remainder
Ulrich Heckmanns : On the Topology of Ultrametric Spaces
Lutz Heindorf : On Zero-Dimensional Images of Compact Ordered Spaces
Jan Hejcman : Length of Metric Spaces and Rectifiable Mappings
H. Herrlich* : Choice Principles in Topology and Elementary Analysis
L. Holá : Topologies on the Space of Continuous Functions
David Holgate : Linking the Closure and Orthogonality of Perfect Morphisms in a Category
H. H. Hung : Metrizability in Terms of a Weak Separation Property on a Product
S.D. Iliadis : Universal Mappings (in sense of "Universal Spaces")
Alejandro Illanes : Retractible Continua
Gerald Itzkowitz : Very Large Families of Dense Pseudocompact Groups in Compact Product-Like Groups
Ludvik Janos : Compactification and Linearisation of Abstract Dynamical Systems
A. J. Jayanthan : A Unified Theory of Scattered Metric Spaces
M. Jelic : On Dimension of Bitopological Spaces
Rolando Jiménez : Fibrewise Retraction and Shape Properties of the Orbit Space
István Juhász* : What Is Left of CH After You Add Cohen Reals?
Ondrej Kalenda : A New Example of First Class Function
Zbigniew Karno : Free Mappings and Solenoidal Continua
Kazuhiro Kawamura* : A Survey on Almost 0-Dimensional Spaces
A. S. Kechris* : Topological group actions and Borel filters on the integers
Karsten Keller : Correspondence Principle and Translation Principle in Complex Quadratic Iteration Theory
Gary Kennedy : Submaximality and Superconnected are Complementary Topological Invariants
Judy Kennedy* : Indecomposable Continua In Fluid Flow Past A Spatial Array Of Cylinders
Zaid Kimmie : The Construction of Functorial Transitive Quasi-Uniformities
Ljubisa Kocinac : Sequential Spaces and Cleavability
A.P. Kombarov : Normality-type Properties in \exp(X)
Sabine Koppelberg : Applications of \sigma -Filtered Boolean Algebras
Martin Maria Kovár : On Mutual Compatificability of Topological Spaces
Pawel Krupski : The Disjoint Arcs Property and Homogeneity
Tomasz Kubiak : Lower Limits of Lattice-Valued Functions and the Associated Fuzzy Topologies
K. Kunen* : Weak measure extension theorem
Hans-Peter Künzi* : The Bourbaki Quasi-Uniformity
Petr Kurka : Language Complexity of Unimodal Systems
Grazyna Kwiecinska : On Approximate Continuity of Multivalued Functions
Jimmie Lawson* : Metric Spaces via Domain Theory
Attilio Le Donne : A Hausdorff HS-space which is not regular
Arkady Leiderman : On Linear Continuous Open Surjections of the Spaces Cp(X)
Vladimir Lemin : Cayley - MacLane type theorem for ultrametric spaces
Andris Liepins : Fixed Points and Market Equilibrium
Joram Lindenstrauss* : Uniform Quotient Maps of Banach Spaces
Z. Lipecki : Badly Noncontinuous Injective Operators Between Polish Metric Linear Spaces
Jimena Llopis : Partitions of Products of Finite Sets
Harriet Lord : Connectedness and Disconnectedness
Attila Losonczi : Lattice Theoretic Properties of Quasi-Uniform Extensions
R. Lowen : Aproximation in Functional Analysis
József Mala : Relators Generating Quasi-Proximities
Joze Malesic : Toroidal Decompositions of 3-Sphere
Witold Marciszewski* : Recent Results on the Structure of the Function Spaces Cp(X)
Dermot Marron : Splittability in Ordered Sets and Spaces
John C. Mayer : Building Blocks for Julia Sets
D. W. McIntyre : Finite Intervals in the Lattice of Topologies
Brian McMaster : Quasiorder Contexts For Total Negation
Enrico Meccarielo : Wijsman Topology on Lower Semicontinuous Functions
M.G. Megrelishvili : Fragmentability and Continuity of Dual Semigroup Actions
Jan van Mill* : Two Point Set Extensions
Neza Mramor-Kosta : Borsuk-Ulam Theorems in Banach Bundles
Mila Mrsevic : \theta-Connectedness and Local \theta-Connectedness in Topological Spaces
Yu.N. Mukhin : Compactly Covered Subgroup of Locally Compact Group
J. Nikiel : On Rim Properties of Continua
T. Nogura* : Characterization of topological spaces via continuous selections
Peter Nyikos : The Interval Topology on Trees
Haruto Ohta* : Abelian Groups of Integer-Valued Continuous Functions
Oleg Okunev : On the Relation of t -Equivalence
L. Oversteegen* : Periodic points near indifferent fixed points
Jan Paseka : Some Results on Simple Quantales
M.J. Pérez-Peñalver : Fine Quasi-Uniformity and Completeness
Strashimir G. Popvassilev : On the topology of Rn that is weak with respect to the family of all lines
M.A. de Prada : On Internal Characterization of L-Completely Regular Spaces
Janusz R. Prajs : On Hereditarily Decomposable Homogeneous Continua
Gerhard Preuss : Precompactness and Compactness in the Natural Function Spaces of the Category of Semiuniform Convergence Spaces
M. L. Puertas : On Krull Dimension
Steven D. Purisch : On Dense Subspaces of Generalized Ordered Spaces
E.G. Pytkeev : Some Properties of Spaces of Continuous and Baire Functions
Dusan Repovs : Spines of Knot Spaces and Related Problems
Michael D. Rice* : Continuous Algorithms
Kerry Richardson : Metrizability of Resolved Spaces
D. Robbie : Wallace Semigroups
M. Rostami : On Dimensions of Some Topological Lattices
Mary Ellen Rudin* : Monotone Normality
Yuri V. Sadovnichy : On Some Metric and Uniform Properties of Spaces of Probability Measures
Tzvi Scarr : Constructing Tychonoff G -spaces which are not G -Tychonoff
Anneliese Schauerte : Biframe Properties
J. Schröder : On Sub-, Pseudo- and Quasimaximal Spaces
Jack Segal* : Quasi Embeddings and Embeddings of Polyhedra in \Bbb Rm
E. N. Selivanova : Properties of Geodesics and Geodesic Flows of Metrics on Torus
D. Shakhmatov* : Topics in applied topology
S. Shelah* : Applications of pcf-theory in topology
Stanislav Shkarin : On Stratifiable Locally Convex Spaces
Luis Miguel Villegas Silva : Maximal Resolvability of Some Topological Spaces and Groups
Ol'ga V. Sipacheva : Stratifiable Locally Convex Spaces
Josef Slapal : Compactness in Categories of S -Net Spaces
E. I. Smirnov : Hausdorff Spectra and the Closed Graph Theorem
Lajos Soukup : Cardinal Functions in Generic Extensions
Lurdes Sousa : Multireflectivity and Multiorthogonality
Dimitrina Ninova Stavrova : Cardinality restrictions in general circumstances
Juris Steprans : On Products of CLP-compact, FB-compact and CB-compact Spaces
Mary Anne Swardson : Nearly Realcompact Spaces and T2-Connectifiability
Paul J. Szeptycki : G\delta -Sets in Topological Spaces and Games
A. Tamariz-Mascarúa : Extensions of Functions in Mrowka-Isbell Spaces
Gino Tironi : Pseudoradial Spaces from CH
Michael Tkacenko* : Strengthening Connected Topologies on Spaces and Topological Groups
Vladimir V. Tkachuk : There are Tychonoff Submaximal Separable Uncountable Spaces
S. Todorcevic* : Compact sets of Baire class-1 functions
Artur Hideyuki Tomita : On Finite Powers of Countably Compact Groups
F. Javier Trigos-Arrieta : The Bohr topology of [MAP] groups
Vera Trnková : Maps of Finite Powers of Spaces
H.M. Tuncali : Local Connectivity and Maps onto Non-Metrizable Arcs
V. V. Uspenskij* : Light Maps and Extensional Dimension
J. Vaughan* : Absolute countable compactness and property (a)
N.V. Velichko : Notes on C\lambda(X)
Peter Vojtás : On Ultrafilters on \omega*
Stephen Watson* : A Regular Space with a Countable Network and Different Dimensions
Jack Widman : Topological Groups in Which Every Subgroup Has a Convergent Sequence
Scott W. Williams : Multiple Recurrence on Completely Metrizable
R.G. Wilson : Dense Subspaces Satisfying Stronger Separation Axioms
R. Grant Woods : The Epimorphic Hull of C(X)
Yukinobu Yajima* : Countable Paracompactness of Products With a Generalized Metric Factor
Andrew N. Yakivchik : Weak Normality and Products of Spaces
Ivan V. Yaschenko : Embeddings Into \Bbb Rn and Dimension of Cleavable Spaces
Miroslav Zeleny : On \sigma -Ideals of Compact Sets

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